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I want to learn to knit.. currently I am re-reading the Harry Potter series and am about 1/6th of the way through the 4th book.. so that's helping a little. I also just bought a couples devotional (I know Harry Potter and God seem totally opposite but they co-exist in my life) and that's been giving me an extra 30 min. per night to just talk with my husband (what a concept!). I want to learn to knit and probably will soon..

But actual tools I've used for impulse buying? Let's see, when I was on BaaBaaBottoms twice this week and there were two different soakers (at two different times) in Nathan's size that I really wanted I'd look at them, make them big, go look at one of the boards, come back, look again at them big, think about how many soakers I have and think about whether I needed this one at this time, decide if this was the prettiest soaker I had ever seen in my life and then as quickly as I could manage I'd close the site and tell myself that I'd check it tomorrow. In each case it was gone by the next time I checked it.

I had the same problem with some prefolds from Tye Dye Dreams, I'd drool and then remind myself of the overflowing drawer I have full of tye dyed or painted prefolds that I barely use and that I'd have to start using a new drawer and I'd be breaking my commitment.. it's been really tough especially since I have a coupon for them and I like several... that one still may get me in the end!

Inspiration? Yesterday I mailed off a nice sized box to Bolivia and it was so nice to pack it up and send it off and know that the $40 I spent for that didn't go to fuel my own cloth diapering desires but instead will completely diaper 3 families! That felt really good and I want to send off packages weekly! When I start feeling grumpy or desperate again I'm going to work on sorting the diapers for Bolivia into sizes and preparing boxes to go to Bolivia so I can feel good about myself as a person (and not feel so bad about buying far more than I need) and feel a sense of pride for my love of cloth diapering.

*Edited to add - Is this over yet?? I'm totally ready to buy at least 5 things! lol I've been looking all over the net because this board is just dead right now and I'm starting to wonder what will happen come the end of this commitment because I'm afraid a spending spree might be in my future!*
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Originally posted by Sheena
Same here, I started working on the LTK pattern last week... I hope it will help!
i want to learn to knit too! is there a book or how does one learn?

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i want to learn to knit too! is there a book or how does one learn?
I just checked a book out from the library.
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i want to learn to knit too! is there a book or how does one learn?
IMO it's best to have someone show you how to cast on, knit, and purl, at least once. I could not get it from a book, I had to be shown.

If you don't have a real life person to show you here are 2 great sites:


Knitting Techniques

I'm doing OK, I bought a Buckey Bottom off the TP but it was only $8. ppd and I have been wanting to try one. Other than that nothing since Pinhead stocked. I'm not really wanting anything today so I think I will run with that. Although, I have been a little bit wanting another jersey cover. Grrr..
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For those of you who are wanting to learn to knit: Pamelamama has a line in her sig offering an online learn to knit a soaker class. As you probably know, Pam is the master knitter of Wooly Wonders soakers. I can't remember exactly how much it costs, but I remember that it was about what you'd pay for a soaker, and the price includes the materials needed to make the soaker.

I bought a couple of knitting books, LTK's learn-to-knit-kit, and reviewed online sites, but I could not figure on how to cast on. So I had a friend IRL teach me. Later, I adapted her casting on technique to something that worked better for me. She also taught me the regular knit stitch and I'll have her teach me purl stitch before Pam's class starts.

Different people learn different ways-- I am totally impressed that people can learn from a book or printed material, but I needed 3 dimensional assistance to make it work for me.

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Karla kind of touched on it but to join Pamela's class you need to know how to knit first.
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My best friend and mjy son's godmama is coming on Thursday for a long visit, and she's bringing the LTK pattern for soakers AND longies, her needles, and a bunch of custom-dyed yarn I bought from fabriconnection, and I'm going to get her to teach me! Yay!
Buying yarn and making mjy own soakers would be such a less expensive habit.... plus all the knitting WAHMs I know of are a bit overwhelmed with orders for a good long while anyways...(if I'm wrong DON'T TELL ME).

She's already made several items for DS, and I am working on an online wool gallery of my son's collection, so I'll show off my mom and best friend's handiwork with the LTK pattern along with my WAHM made wool items on this board shortly (I mean, if anyone's interested, of course...).
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isn't it easier to learn to crochet vs knit? I think I need to find a crocheting/knitting for dummies book at the library....
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How fun, butterflymom!!! I wishI knew someone who could teach me. I'm sure it will take me forever to get to the point where I can make a soaker learning from books. But I learned to start (cast...is that what its called?) and knitted about 10 rows last night. Just the simple knit stitch. It really was fun so I think I will stick to it for a bit.
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That's it.. I'm off the wagon.. either pull me back on or let me go.. I've bought a freshies fitted and a cotton pickin creation infant cpf in that last 30 minutes.. I could put the Freshies back but I *need* the infant prefold..

Let me know what I should do!
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Put it back Jenn, you can do it. You're going to feel much better about yourself if you put it back.

FWIW, I put back a Freshies earlier this morning. I feel better.
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Put it back.
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I have to agree with those who recommend to have someone show you the basics for knitting. I bought Knitting for dummies.....I couldn't get the cast on from it......anyway long story short I had someone show me how to do it. I know how to cast on, knit & purl....I bought some circ needles, yarn, LTK pattern. I'm starting my swatch right now.

JENN- I can show you the basics if you really want to learn Its super easy for me now but was tough learning from a darn book. Now I can reference Knitting for dummies with ease.

I tried crochet too but I think I'm a visual learner I could get the chain down but that's about it LOL!
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Fine, I put the Freshies back but I'm keeping the infant ubcpf from CPC because the two dyed ones I got last week aren't unbleached and don't do the job for Nathan.. so I only have one that I can use. I did get a matching pair of shorts though..

But they aren't fluffy so I refuse to feel guilty for them! lol

Kimberly - I have a knitting store that gives lessons nearby.. I should just shell out the $20 I would have spent on the Freshies and learn! lol
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I have been a very good girl

and I have even sold off most of my stash. I do not have much left of my stash really. Mostly prefolds and Cloud 9 Softies and FMBG and a few stragglers here and there of other wahm diapers. I am going to continue to downsize my stash. I will live through other people now and enjoy their stuff, so please post pictures. LOL!:LOL
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Just a warning for the aspiring knitters: I think I've probably already spent $150 during my three week knitting career. And I really wanted to take Pam's class, but can't justify another $35. I have bought the LTK pattern (which is great, btw), the fern&faerie pattern (still waiting on), spent $23 on vintage patterns (this included around 6 soakers and lots of other baby stuff, too), then bought several needles and other notions, and enough yarn for five or six soakers. It's really lucky that I don't know much about yarn or knitting because I have been trolling the web for yarn like I used to for dipes, but haven't bought any more because I don't know what kind to get.

On the other hand, I love the two I've finished and I'm almost done with a third. I taught myself how to knit and purl on the web and had never made anything before.

Just beware! :LOL

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I am seriously joining in this week. I should be getting in the rest of our dipes this week and I really need to test them out before we order anything else.

I am loving the LHC fitteds and the custom Jaiden's Jubilee is fantastic.

But I need to restrain myself and test out what we have and decide what is going to work best before I make any more mistakes.

I am really thinking fitteds or true AIO's maybe the way to go.
Quick dry and contours just don't have enough soaking power. ESpecially for a baby on lasix. The poor thing woke up in a puddle this morning.

But anyway. I will be joining you ladies this week.
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Ok, I bought a few things that I really need/wanted from Darling Diapers but none were diapers. I was about to buy a velour bikini cut cuddlebuns from Little-Fishy when I stopped myself and decided that it would make me feel panicky about dipping into our money. So that's it, I'm done for another week. I've had my little spending spree and when this two week commitment is up I'll spend another $50-75 but no more for this week. I'm absolutely serious, I'll just enjoy my 4x8 wipes, changing pad cover and bib for now..
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Do I even WANT to jump into this thread????

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