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Tampa is just south of us.
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Tampa is 30 minutes west of us!

Small, sunny world, huh?
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Bladestar-Do you mind me asking why kind of clothesline you have? Did you buy it or rig it up yourself? I want one for this spring and summer, and I haven't had one since I was a kid. Can I get one at Target? Ahhh, the smell of air-dried clothes...
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Originally posted by ilovebakedgoods
I love to dry my clothes on a line, but we get these tiny spiders here so frequently that it bugs (haha) me out! They just show up at all hours, so I'm always leery of them getting onto my nice clean clothes. Does anyone else have a bug-on-the-line problem?

Note to self: ALways hang pocket dipes upside down... ask me how I know...
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Sour smelling clothes? Can't say I've ever had a problem. Although my bath towels can get a bit skunky if they're not hung up properly.

I think you're right that they're probably taking too long to dry. It's important to give each item enough space and whack it out good before hanging it up so all wrinkles and overlaps of fabric are removed. We often hang my dp's cotton long-sleeved shirts on hangers rather than directly on the rack because they hang better.

Also, if you can get your clothes up near the ceiling...that's where the air is the warmest. Of course, you can't beat a woodstove for great drying heat but not everyone is so lucky.
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Bearsmama, dh welded it from fence posts.
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Originally posted by Rebecca
Note to self: ALways hang pocket dipes upside down... ask me how I know...

Good point!!
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Oh, Lord, he's gotta use a torch??

Just kidding, he's pretty handy, but no welder. We'll rig up something this spring. Thanks!
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:LOL In VT, he used wooden posts. He builds fences, so free materials are a plus!
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Just wanted to pass along a really great article I think all ya'll would appreciate. It's called "The Clothesline Question: How hanging out the laundry sparked a political firestorm." It's in the UTNE Reader, Nov/Dec 2003 issue. You might can pull it up on their website if you don't have the mag. It's worth a read.:LOL
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Originally posted by Rebecca
I love my clotheslines! Here are some pics of it!!

Yes, I'm a freak who takes pics of the line... it's just so pretty and nostalgic!
Rebecca, your pics are gorgeous! You might just find me camped out in your backyard someday, it's so pretty!

I've been thinking about a clothesline here, now that I'm in a house with a yard. I found this article for people new to line drying! Laundry Drying Dilemmas?
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Thanks for the link!
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I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one taking pictures of my clothesline. I even took a movie of it the other day when all of my dh's aprons were blowing in the breeze.
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Rebecca! Those pics look so yummy!

I can't wait top have my backyard back (building an addition) so dh can put this up for me: Spinning Clothes Dryer. Umm, except mine cost $25 from Menard's (made in USA too!).
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Nym- it looks so green. Umm, your yard that is!
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I live on Vancouver Island. It is always green
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That spinning clothes dryer looks great! Anyone know a place in TX that carries it for cheap? We don't have Menard's.

Also, for those of you with lines, what material is your line made of? Thanks!
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Love the clothes line too. Everything smells so sweet after being dried in the sun. I hang out diapers and training pants in the sun especially.

Also, in the winter when it rains, I hang clothes in the bathroom (on a wooden rack) and the heat from the house dries everything over night. It is really nice to have everything dried when I wake up. Towels...well I dry those in the dryer.

Moon Light Mama
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