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Thyroid issues??

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So I went to my Doctor for a general check up (in Dec). She is also Sam's Dr. (new to us both). I have been having some anxiety and depression issues and my MW noticed that my glands in my neck were swollen when I had a pap in Nov. So in Dec, I mentioned this to my Dr. and she felt the glands and said they were really swollen, and she ordered a full blood work up.

So, we got the results, and most everything came back normal. except my throid antibodies are elevated, and I am low in Vit. D (the D is easy to fix). So my Dr. who is very natural, homeopathic minded said I should up my iodine intake by means taking a kelp or dulse supplement.

I had a friend talk to another homeopathic Dr. she knew and he came back with it's most likely my adrenal gland and disagrees with the iodine solution. Also I have done a bunch of reading and now I am super conflicted now!

I was just wondering if any of you Momma's have any experience with this. I hear it's common after giving birth. I am also concerned that if my body doesn't stop attacking my thyroid it will be permenately damaged for life, and I'll have to be on hormones for the rest of my life.

any of you Momma's have any experience with this?
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Isn't there a way to "test" your iodine levels? Something about putting a drop on your foot (not sure whyt it's foot, that's just what I've read) and seeing how long it takes to absorb??

Otherwise, I'm not much help here...
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