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Newbie Q: need fabric suggestions for CD

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My mother offered to mail me some yardage for cloth diaper making and I was wondering what type of fabric to tell her is best?

I have never made CD's before, and I have some skills in the sewing dept, but not alot, so I dont want her to buy very expensive fabrics for me to begin with, but I would like something that will hold up.

I also need a notions list for her.

Any help with this from you experienced mommas would be greatly appreciated!
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Well, most people making fitteds, use cotton fleece or cotton velour. Or they use bamboo fleece and bamboo velour.
Sometimes they use hemp, or sherpa.
Some of the flat makers use fleece (cotton or velour)
We have a discussion group on sewing here
and there is one called sew your own diapers, it has tons of links and suggestions as well.

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I prefer bamboo fleece, bamboo double terry, and bamboo velour. It is a bit more pricey than cotton but is also more absorbent and has natural antibacterial properties. When the baby gets older and gets into the super-wetter range, an extra soaker made from hemp fleece, microfiber, or a combination of both can help prevent leak-throughs. I get my fabrics from here: http://www.naturesfabrics.com/

You'll also need clear or braided elastic, thread, and {depending on the type of closure you choose} either velcro/aplix, snaps and an application device, and/or diaper pins. Serena at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/notionsupply/sells snap pliers that are acceptable for use with diapers as long as the body of the diaper isn't too thick to fit in the pliers space. She also has a good selection of snaps in a variety of colors.

For covers you will need either PUL; 300wt, windpro or other water resistant fleece; or wool. There are some Yahoo groups that sell the PUL through a coop setting where the prices are discounted from retail. You can make soakers from old thrift-store wool sweaters by felting them and then cutting them to fit - they will need a regular application of lanolin to retain water-resistance. The fleece you can either buy through a coop or you can get it through the website which is http://www.milldirecttextiles.com/. You need to be careful to get the DWR {durable water resistant} fleece. Other kinds can leak or wick the fluids through to the clothing, leaving baby wet and miserable.

The other thing you might want to get is foldover elastic. It is a great way to bind the outer edges of diapers and covers. There's a great site for the plush 1" FOE, which is the best for diapers and covers; it's here http://www.foeyourdiaper.com/joomla/

Finally, you'll need patterns. You can buy them, or do a Google search and find numbers of free patterns.
  • Rita's Rump Pocket is a pattern for a pocket diaper - I altered this one in several ways besides using it as written. It is free and a good one-size pattern that will work for baby from birth through potty training, though you may want to use a newborn size till the baby is about 10 pounds just for ease of folding. http://handmadebyrita.blogspot.com/2...t-pattern.html

I hope this helps. Holler if you need anything; I love to help people.

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Thanks for the info ladies!!!
Off to make that list!
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See, I'm weird, I prefer flannel. My son isn't a heavy wetter, and flannel works just fine for him. That, and knits and my machine don't get along too well(I have a basic beginner sewing machine, works fine for what I use it for, but knits are not my friend with it due to non-adjustable length stitches)

That, and I have developed a strong dislike for microfiber as far as cleaning it goes.

I buy my elastic locally too, I have a store called Mill End textiles, and I can get swimsuit elastic there for 30cents a yard(plus malden mills fleece, but I'm not big on fleece covers, too many animals in the house and fleece is a hair magnet) Thread I stock up on when Joann's has a great sale(just the basic Coat's and Clark 100% Polyester thread)
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I like flannel, too. Soft, all-cotton, and comes in awesome prints.
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