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goopy eyes

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my almost 2yo DD just woke up from her nap with crusty, goopy eyes. She had a cold over the hollidays & is still coughing a bit... but otherwise seems fine. I cleaned her eyes with a warm washcloth & squirted some breastmilk in them... any other suggestions? ideas? experiences?
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Do they seem to itch? Could it be pink eye?
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she's not rubbing them, their just making lots of goopy yellow buggers... I don't know much about pinkeye, but they're not pink, if that makes a difference
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My experience with conjunctivitis ("pink eye") has been this:

A child came to my home daycare and his parent said his eyes were goopy and swollen when he woke up that morning. His eyes seemed alright throughout the morning, no discharge, not red. Then he napped, and when he woke up there was a greenish discharge from his eyes that continued all afternoon, and the whites of his eyes got progressively redder. He went to his doctor that evening, was diagnosed with conjunctivities, and he took antibiotic eye drops for about a week. The doctor said that pink eye is contagious when there is discharge. Not surprisingly, another child at the daycare developed the exact symptoms/diagnosis a couple of days later.
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It could be pinkeye...It could also be a symptom of head congestion. This has happened with DS.
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I'm hoping it's congestion & not pink eye... her eyes arn't red, thats a good sign right?
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DBS has been sent home from daycare a couple of times with goopy eyes. They require you to take them home if there is any possibility that they have pink eye. Both times it was just from congestion.
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