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Severe mastitis - any advice?

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I have a nasty case of mastitis. Went from totally fine, feeling normal at 9 pm yesterday to very sick by 11 pm. As in fever between 105-107 degrees, shaking with the chills, breast in so much pain. I called my midwife and started antibiotics and have been taking ibprofen and tylenol to bring the fever down (it's around 101 now). I still feel pretty awful.

I've been taking baths, breastfeeding frequently with massage, etc.

Any other advice?
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Hang in there, keep nursing/hand expressing in the shower etc, rest as much as you possibly can, and if you don't feel better tomorrow I would ask for different antibiotics. What did they prescribe? Sometimes the prescription doesn't cover the 'bug' well and a mama may need something else.

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Hot compresses on the breast with the mastitis. This is typically caused by a plugged duct that gets infected. You MUST continue to nurse on that side. Do you have echinacea? Make some tea and rest. Feel better soon Mama!!
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I went through several nasty bouts. My best trick was to get in a hot bath where the whole boob is under water and basically hanging with nipple-down. Our tub was tiny so I had to twist a bit to get in that position. As hot as you can take it, really. Stay there for at least a few minutes, then start hand-expressing. Yeah, right into the water. It's got a bit of an ick factor but it's worth it - it worked every time for me. I alternated that and nursing DD. Don't let the other breast engorge but just nurse as much as possible. If your LO isn't interested, again with the hand compressions.
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Hang in there Mamma-- I went through this a few weeks ago (my fever was 102 w/tons of Advil) and it was brutal! The antibiotics will kick in within 24-48 hours and you will feel so much better. Kepp nursing, don't wear a bra- use warm compresses, warm baths---etc. whatever feels good. Also, drink a ton of fluids, because your body gets dehydrated quickly with that nasty fever.

I took Dicloxicilan (spelling??)- and it took care of the infection for me....I had to take for 10 days though. It was weird because I had not taken antibiotics in at least 6 or 7 years! (but I was very glad I decided to take these in the end!!!!)
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I am taking ceflex (cephilosporin). I am allergic to all cillan antibiotics, so that is the choice.

I just feel awful. I took a bath and I've been breastfeeding.

Soon I'll make some tea or something, and take some herbs to support my immune system. Hopefully I'll feel a bit better in the morning.
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The most important thing here is yes you're on antibiotics to stop the infection but the block must be removed or it will never go away and develop into something much worse, use hot compresses - hot hot hot, as hot as you can stand without burning yourself, nurse baby with chin pointing to the area sore blocked area and nurse as often as possible. Treat yourself as if you are ill and go to bed to recover, you can massage the breast after or during a hot bath/shower start at the top of the breast with the palm of your hand in firm but gentle circular movements, moving down the breast to the nipple and then from underneath as well, then depending on the pain level you can also do this with your fingertips, for the pain you can take some Ibuprofen which reduces both fever and inflammation, hope that this clears for you mastitis is never fun - lol, hang in there you'll be fine.
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