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Like these training pants

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I got them for my 2 yr old when he was potty training, but then decided to try them with the baby (7 months) just to see how big they were. Actually, they fit her just fine!

I really like them because they have gussets around the leg holes and they slide on and off easily.

Just thought I'd share! They are a good price too.
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are these more like a diaper or more like underwear? Is it 10$ for just one, or three? My son will go if he is in a diaper, but naked or just pants, he won't, but I do need something a little absorbent in case he "leaks".
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Im glad to hear a good review! I had seen those in the catalog and filed them away for possible purchase. Hopefully wont need them w/ this kid, but may w/ the next.
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They are more like underwear and the price is for one. When I bought them last week, I got a deal where they were $7 each. I don't know when the sale ended and I didn't know it was going so it was pretty exciting to get them then.

I also just got some Mio Bambino training pants too. http://www.strollermama.com/bambino-...ning-pants.htm but they were $12 when I bought them. Stupid boutique-y mark-up stores, but I guess I saved on shipping...

The Bambinos are kind of noisy with the inner PUL layer and leak easier than the others. But they are even more like underwear.

I really like the ones from One Step Ahead, mainly because of the gussets and how absorbent they are.
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Hi Jenneology,
Thanks, It's good to get recommended training pants that are found helpful for EC'ing.

I'll be sure to add them to my EC Pants Directory!

- Charndra
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