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VA Mamas

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Anyone out there?
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I live in the Hampton Roads/Tidewater area. What part of VA do you live in?
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I'm in Newport News!
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I am right outside of Richmond
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Amherst here!
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i'm in richmond!
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I am on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Have a great weekend!
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Outside of Roanoke
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I go right by Ladysmith about 2x a month! If anyone's interested in a get-together, there's a group of us AP mamas that meet regularly.
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NoVa :flirt

Rachee *smooch*
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Here in Roanoke,VA-Birth and Baby Expo

Hi all,

Just signing on for the first time. Glad to find a forum to meet moms from around the area. Just wanted to let you all know that if you are in the Roanoke, VA area there is a Birth & Baby Expo on Saturday April 17th at Tanglewood Mall. It is sponsored by Le Leche League, International Cesarean Awareness Network of SW VA, and New Life Birth Center. We'll be holding educational sessions and demonstrations. Last year we had tons of good information, people showing their products like neat slings, cloth diapers, baby books, photographers, and more. Great place to learn about breastfeeding, midwifery, doulas, nutrition, chiropractic, exercise in pregnancy, etc. It is free to the public but they will be accepting donations again this year to help cover the cost. You can get more information and contact through our website- www.newlifebirthcenter.net
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I should really learn where these cities are
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Hi there hkowell1, what's the birth climate like there in Clarksville now? Do you know there is a CPM about an hour from you? I used to live there, and my son was born UC at Lakewood apartments!
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Hi! I live in Chesapeake!
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