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Richmonders... weather is cooling down... anyone want to do a play group?
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ashburn area - AP mama to 6 month old girl
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Woodbridge!! Homeschooling mama of 2.
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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

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just moved to Alexandria!

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I don't know if I've posted on here, but I'm a momma in Arlington, and we've got a 4 year dd who's been basically unschooling since she was born, heh. She's going to be 5 in January! We nursed until she was 4 years 3 months. :) Just had to say that, since I've never actually told anyone. :p Anyway, I grew up in Seattle, and I've been in Alexandria, then Arlington, then Mclean, and now Arlington again in the past 10 years. My dh was born here and we've been planning to get back to the PNW forever. Someday we will. For now I shall quit fighting Va. :p I swear, practically every mom I've met that I liked I ask if they've ever been here or read Mothering magazine, and the answer is always, "Um, no?" Disappointing. :/ :p I'd love to have an MDC mom friend around here! There are lots of homeschoolers around, but it seems like the tons who get together are all in Fairfax, and I don't drive, so... Anyway, that's all I have to say about that. :D 


ETA: Oh! Just wanted to add that we just went to the REI in Bailey's and they were selling Ergos there! How cool is that? :^D There was one on display (like a mannequin mom/baby thing) and I was like, uh, what is an Ergo doing on display in real life? And then I saw all the boxes and boxes of Ergo accessories, too. Pretty sweet. I had lots of different carriers, but our Ergo was the one that got the most use as dd got older. The first one we wore out but good, and got a second one, ha. Used it till she was 3 1/2 and 35 lbs or so. I couldn't do it anymore only because she finally got just way too big for it! Now with no carrying her around or nursing I have to keep myself in shape, all by, you know, myself. :^p 

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I don't know anyone up here who reads mothering or anything!  I seriously feel super alone!  We unschool as well, my son is 4, we should get together :)

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