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I am considering (reluctantly) the non-hormonal IUD... I know the good of it - but what about the bad? Did you have a bad experience with this form of bc? I know some people do not agree with this type because of the joining of the sperm and egg - but I am really looking for how your body reacted from having it in... Did you feel it? Notice any changes?
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Crashing your DDC to talk about this.

I'm not up to date on current IUDs, but a dozen years ago I used the Copper T. I had a few friends who were using it and they were all very happy with it. My experience was awful. During my period, I was going through a super tampon in less than an hour. I had sharp pains during my period, also, which was not the norm for me. And after every cycle, I developed bacterial vaginosis (either from the copper reacting with my body or the extremely heavy bleeding, nobody really knew). I used it for about six months and then had it removed.

Unfortunately for me, the "string" had migrated up my cervical opening and the doctor couldn't even reach it with forceps. I wound up in the OR (under anesthesia) to have it taken out, and they had to use cervical dilators to get to it.

I believe my experience is uncommon, but there it is, nonetheless.
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My mom used it for years and she had really heavy periods as a result - like 2 weeks out of every month.
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I was thinking about this IUD reluctantly as well. I really just want something reliable, but I'm not digging the side effects either.

My good girlfriend got the hormonal version two years ago and she also keeps getting BV. She's thinking about removing it and having it reinserted, however, because she likes it otherwise. My midwife did mention heavier periods and less protection against STDs as side effects.
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I am thinking about getting the Mirena one.
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My friend had her uterus perforated when the dr. inserted her Mirena...didn't figure out the pain and cramping and bleeding was that until about a week later.
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I've had both kinds. The only side-effects I had with mirena was extreme vaginal dryness and a tendency to thrush.
The copper one was pretty grim, though. I had it inserted as emergency contraception after a whoops, first period wasn't too bad but the second was horrific: soaking two and three pads an hour for two days kind of horrific. Eventually it removed itself, sideways, and in addition to not bleeding so badly, I also felt much better and more clear-headed in myself. I do have metal allergies and we're considering now whether copper might be on the list, but for me it wasn't a good choice. I'd have another mirena fitted, though, but hopefully we won't be needing contraception for that long.
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The idea of a IUD has always scared me for some reason, but hearing these stories terrify me.
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I have an appt. to get the Paragard next month...now i'm scared
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Originally Posted by DCMama01 View Post
My midwife did mention heavier periods and less protection against STDs as side effects.
I think the only reason STDs are less protected is because you are obviously not using a condom. of what I know, the pill, any IUD, patch, shot, etc protect against STDs.

I had the Paragaurd and I loved it. I can't do hormones very well, and I don't like using them because I don't like artificial hormones, so I got it and loved it. I did have a little longer periods, and occasional spotting.

I had some weird cramps that were "sharper" (don't know how else to describe them) than normal PMS cramps, but they were not that bothersome.

After we have this baby, we are getting it again, and probably going to use it for permanent contraceptive instead of tube tying or vasectomy.

Every woman is different in their reaction. I advise you check the strings every month to make sure they are there and not getting shorter, and tell your CP if anything weird is going on.
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I think a certain vulnerability to STDs also occurs because you have a foreign body deliberately causing irritation to prevent pregnancy. To be clear, I would use it again, but the paragard would not be my first choice for anyone with any history of any metal allergies, just in case. Having tried both, mirena was infinitely preferable. I have a history of adverse reactions to synthetic hormones too, and I did well with the localised progesterone.
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Another thing to consider is decreased milk supply for those who are sensitive to synthetic hormones. As a LLL leader, I've had many moms contact me about sudden drop in supply after having the Mirena inserted.
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Wow, thanks for the info!! I am unsure what we will do... dh talks about getting snipped but since it took him years to go any doctor I highly doubt he will get right on it. *sigh*
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