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TTC, in a YEAR...LOL..... what do I need NOW?

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Hi mamas, if I'm in the wrong section, please show me where to go!

My partner and I have decided to TTC next December. The timing will be good then, as he'll be out of school by the time the baby arrives.

What do i need to do to prepare for this LO? Mentally, physically psychologically, $$$$????/

I have one child, he'll be 8 in march. Ds was NOT planned!.... I'm PLANNING this one!!!!!! Of course would LOVE a home birth, Dp, is NOT against this too much, (just worried) cloth diaper, green parenting, non circ'n, all that jazz..

Any resources, books, websites, words of advise would be AWESOME!

Please help me on my journey of mother hood 2.0...lol....

Blessings, Danielle
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Read: Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Get: A BBT thermometer (specifically BBT, digital fever is NOT as sensitive)
a fertilityfriend.com account (free works just fine, though if you are as nerdy as me they give you lots of data with their VIP account)
get comfy in the TTC forums http://www.mothering.com/discussions...play.php?f=178

Start: Taking prenatals NOW, to help your body be as well nourished as possible (and to get yourself used to taking them)
Get your body healthy now (if you want to lose 5 pounds, or gain it, you have a year to do so)

Make sure you do not expect to get pregnant your first try, even perfectly healthy couples only have around 30% chance, with perfect timing, each month. Yes, it COULD happen. But it is just as likely to take a little while.

Do not feel bad about posting in TTC when you are not yet TTC... I have been doing it while TTC off and on over the past year and half, and many others do as well.
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Ya know.. I *think* I HAVE that book, but read it with OUT the intention of TTC a while back, got to pull it out again!

I Do remember prenatels giving me awful repeats and heart burn......Can any one recommend a good brand? Anything else I should be taking?

OH i KNOW My/our chances are slim in the beginning, I guess the fun part will be trying WITHOUT protection

Any other books?

Don't worry I'll be posting!

Let the count down BEGIN!... Woo Hooot!
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Come join us in the Wanting But Waiting Tribe *2010* There are some good discussions of prenatal vitamins in the 2009 version of this thread--I think New Chapter comes out on top. Haven't taken the Prenatals myself, but I love their B complex. You can get them on-line for 1/2 price at places like The Vitamin Shoppe, Vitaglo, and Vitacost.

Good luck and congrats on your early planning.
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