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I asked to be laid off

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I finally did it.

I have been thinking about it for the last year it seems. Everytime we had a round of layoffs, I would think okay this is my chance. But it never happened. I have survived three rounds of layoffs since my dd was born. This time I just had to do it. I asked if I could be layed off. The gruop was not even planning on any additional layoffs, just some restructuring between groups.

So it looks like they are going to do it for me. I haven't gotten any specifics yet but I guess it looks promising.

I want to be laid off instead of resigning.

I am still a little depressed about the decision.
I am afraid that I won't be able to find another job when the time comes.

Plus I am a little aprehensive about being a SAHM.

I want so much to be an AP Mom, and lately I have felt very detached from my dd. That is what finally did it for me.

I read this one post and a woman said " detachment breeds detachment". Meaning that once detachment sets in you don't even know wht you have lost. That was just so scary to me.

I am good at what I do I am an Electrical Engineer for an International Semiconductor Company. The company has been very good to me.

This has been one of the most dificult decisions I have ever had to make.
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What a tough choice. I am sure that you've thought about this so much, and made the best decision for you and your family.

If you want to stay fresh, is there any way that you can do contract work a few hours a week, so that if you ever decide to get back into it you'll have relevant skills and up-to-date contacts?
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work as a chemical engineer in the semiconductor industry myself.

Definitely can understand your decision -- especially with the state of the industry.... my company has had lots of layoffs also... extra work piled on... stress of hanging in there.

Don't look back.... hang in there, and it will all come together!
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I did that a number of years ago. Even though I asked, I also got a severance!! Best thing I've ever done.
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My DH was an EE for a chip design company...I think it's similar work. And the industry is a bit scary right now. But your time with your baby is precious, and if this is what you want in your heart then do it and don't look back. Keep in touch with your colleagues, keep abreast of latest developments, and if you can do contract work that would also be great. Things have a way of working out when you follow your heart. Good luck!!
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