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Okay...I'm going to go for it. Prefolds and covers only.

I found a local momma who is paring down her stash and has the following available:

- "fleece covers" (I'm guessing momma-made??) = $3 each
- Size L Swaddlbees cover
- M Blueberry minkie cover
- Blueberry coverall
- New Jamtots Berryplush cover

Any thoughts on these? Quality? Price if in GUC?

She has some wool stuff too, but I'm not interested in going that route...

Thanks for your help!
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I haven't used them, but I'd say if they are cheap, go for it. If you hate them, you can always resell and pick up some more that you like.

Keep in mind, you'll want 5-6 covers in NB size, 4 in small, 4 in med.

For thoughts on those specific covers, I'd ask in the Diapering subforum, they have loads of experience there.
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Thanks Kelly...I'm afraid of most of the other forums here So I may just risk it!
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I've not used any of those covers, but supposedly, they are nice ones. If they are in good condition, I'd go for it. You don't have much to lose, ya' know? I have a few covers that I don't care for, but they work and I use them, so I'm not really out the money.

I'd look up their new cost on greenmountaindiapers.com or nikki'sdiapers.com to get an idea of the price new. That should tell you if it's a good deal or not.

(Usually, covers like that run 20 to 26 dollars each, at least. I could be wrong, but I think those are all more expensive covers.)
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Thanks! I may shoot her an email to go check out what she has left and make her an offer on the lot of it. She hasn't given pricing information yet, but she's open to me taking a look in person before I buy.

I'm just trying to get some good deals on stuff so that I can keep my initial cost down. That's a good point that even if you don't *like* them, they probably still work!
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Hey Just1More--do you use the snap or touchtape Mommy's Touch?
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I always buy snaps, of anything.

I have 4 covers that are velcro and I dislike them alot. I bought them all at once and I regret it. Even when I use the stay back laundry tabs they still get stuck together and to everything else. Sometimes the edges of the part that comes up through the baby's legs fold down while they wear it and they get rub marks on their legs (as in ds has had a bleeding sore from one he wore one morning...and he got it from one diaper change to the next) from the velcro. And, they are way less durable. IMO.

So, yeah, snaps all the way for me.
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CDing mama here

Currently CDing my 16 month old DD. Here's our combined stash - NB and one size. We are ready and still have around 19 weeks until my due date!


24 BumGenius 3.0 One Size Pockets
12 Rumparooz One Size Pockets


18 XS BumGenius AIOs
12 Rumparooz Lil Joey AIOs
2 Dozen GMD Newborn Prefolds
3 Thirsties Size 1 DUO Covers
2 NB Bummis SuperBrite Covers
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THanks, just1more! I found a site that partners w/ Mommy's Touch to give you your 7th free plus quantity reductions, so I think that's what we're doing. If I can pick up those other covers cheaply, I will probably order 12 MT covers +2 free and be done! Other than prefolds themselves, of course.
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Originally Posted by Kelly1101 View Post
Okay, so I started really obsessing last night and made my Have and Want lists...

Here's my current stash:

18 newborn (clearance cheap) prefolds
12 yellow (small) GMD prefolds
3 small Thirsties fitted
3 small Bumgenius bamboo fitted
3 med Bumgenius bamboo fitted
1 small kissaluv snap-closure fitted (which I don't like)

6 XS Thirsties covers
3 S Thirsties covers
1 S Bummis Super Brite
2 S Bummis WhisperWrap
2 M Bummis WhisperWrap

And here's my Want list, both because Em will be outgrowing these fairly soon, and to supplement to make things easier with the new baby, and because I just want :

12 newborn GMD prefolds (having only 18 prefolds with Em was nowhere near enough)
12 red (medium) GMD prefolds
3 XS Thirsties fitted
3 S Thirsties fitted
6 M Thirsties fitted
4 M Thirsties covers

The new prefolds, and the medium covers, I definitely need. The new fitted diapers... well, I don't NEED them... but I really love my Thirsties fitted diapers, especially for night-time or for car trips or being out and about running errands.

So I took the list to talk to my husband, and I'm making him examine every item with me and starting to talk about the prices, and he said "Kel, don't worry about how much it costs, we're already saving so much money by doing cloth diapers anyway. Just get whatever you think you'll need."

Updating my list...

I've got everything but the 6 M Thirsties fitteds.

Once I get those, I will be able to sit back and relax, haha.
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I won't ever have my dh 100% on board but he's fine with me doing cloth diapers...He just says he's never changing them. Which i am ok with that...Maybe we will use sposies for the first few weeks...then go into cloth diapering so that he can get up at night and do some diaper changes...
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I've heard great things about the blueberry covers. But i've never used them.
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I have 4 small covers 3 are BSWW, and one is a Starbunz, I have 24 infant prefolds, I also have 5 small Thirsties fab fitteds, I have 2 small Prestons Pants with the snap-down notch, i have 4 lil joeys, I have 4 Blueberry OS, I have 5 BG 3.0 OS, I have 2 RaR's with the 6r soaker and more..I just don't know what else...Oh 4 GM's and some HH's but the HH's are Medium or larges...so it won't be for a while...and i also have some Cuddlebug Cloth Ai2's i think 5 of those. idk
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Very excited as I'm registered for Fitteds, and covers and my sister just gave me a whole bag of nice pre-folds her son (15 months, and BIG) just grew out of!! So even if I dont get all the fitteds I want, I will still have pre-folds and can just buy covers! She said I can have anything else he grows out of, but hes only been growing up and not out, so it doesn't look like I'm getting anything else for quite a while, plus she didn't start cloth till he was about 4 months old so she started with with the pre-folds and everything else in size medium or large.....

I really want to get as close to exculsively using cloth as possible, even though its more work. My husband and I both have really sensitive skin, and baby's already have sensitive skin, so I don't want ANY chemicals on his skin (only excption will possibly be IN the hospital). So I don't plan on buying any disposables, that way I'm FORCED to stick to what I really want!
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Yeah, don't buy 'sposies if you can avoid it (execept for the very newborn stage) slippery slope. DS was cloth diapered from about 3 mos until about 1.5 years, and then I got lazy because of day care. My parents usually watch him, and they refused to CD - but fine. I told them I already bought my diapers, and always supplied CDs and a wetbag. They chose to buy disposables, and DH never got rashy. However, at 1 year he started going to day care off and on, and to avoid disaster I had 'spoies for them. And, well.... yeah. since I had them, I used them, and that meant less CD, and less laundry, and it seemed like a waste to only wash a few....

I will be CDing this new guy as soon as his stump falls off, and hopefully will keep to it for a little bit longer than I did with #1.
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It is doable to cloth diaper in the hospital (not that I think everyone should, but just it is doable if you want to ) and also during meconium etc etc. With Toad he was put in a disposable in the delivery room but as soon as we got back to our own room he was in cloth. With him I used about a dozen disposables over the next two weeks because my grandfather was in the hospital with a mini stroke and I was there doing exercises with him to help get him well again. Baby was with me and at times it was just easier to throw a disposable on him and know I didn't have to take a diaper home with me. Getting used to being a Mom for the first time and having Grandpa sick was a lot all at once!

Frog though was cloth diapered exclusively from diaper #1. It was an absolutely adorable fitted custom made for him and went on him in the delivery room (and it was all he had on, the rest of him stayed skin to skin with me much to the dismay of the one nurse ).

I agree it is waaaay easier with no disposables in the house. Since Tobias was out of newborns there have never been any in my house and so there has never been any temptation. Now after all this time it's just how we do it... and in fact when my best friends kids were here who are in sposies DP asked how to put it on I told him just like a fitted with velcro
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Originally Posted by Mommie020307 View Post
I won't ever have my dh 100% on board but he's fine with me doing cloth diapers...He just says he's never changing them. Which i am ok with that...Maybe we will use sposies for the first few weeks...then go into cloth diapering so that he can get up at night and do some diaper changes...
What does he have against changing them? Is he afraid that he won't be able to figure out the prefolds?

I did disposables in the hospital with Em, and for a little while after (like a week maybe?), just because I was still recovering and figuring things out and didn't want to jump right in to a bunch of laundry. This time around I will probably stick with sposies in the hospital again, but then go straight to cloth when he gets home, since Em is still only in cloth, and we'll have diaper laundry to do anyway.
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My DH was against cloth diapers.

Til I showed him some fuzzibunz.

"Oh... that looks pretty easy!"

Luckily MIL did cloth diapering with all three of her boys so she is VERY supportive of me doing the same. Though "back then" her only choice was pinning them... which I'm against doing. I hate sharp things lol. I would avoid ever using knives if I could get away with it. I always end up cutting or poking myself!
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Yeah, usually if it's a grandma I just tell them to use the fitteds.

I mean, it's the exact same thing as a disposable. Except that instead of putting on one, you put on two (counting the cover). They go on the same way.

Luckily I haven't had a problem from anyone. Both sets of grandparents think that it's pretty cool because of the money saved. And my husband was the one who suggested it in the beginning because he thought it would be more comfortable for the baby.
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My mom, even with my delighful and super easy fitteds, flat out refuses to use them. But my mom has some very stubborn streaks. She's in her mid 50s, but was basically mom to most of her siblings, and she really did raise the two youngest. For her, cloth triggers some deep PO'ed emotions. Even though there are no more pins, or plastic pants that cause rashes of doom - she still WILL NOT.
So, whatever. She wants to buy spoies, then more power to her. And I'm not going to argue with the person who provides free child care!
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