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Hotslings sale and Babywearing chat for Sept Babes :)

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Anyone still awake?
I found a great deal on Hotslings pouches, so... PM me if you're interested, I don't think I can post link here...

It's until midnight tonight (Easter Time)


take care!

P.S. I'm enjoying babywearing so much, who else? What's your "go to" carrier?
I can't decide between Mei Tai (Silly Goose - it has adjustable bottom, and that's great, my DD does not like froggied legs in mei tai) and pouches at this point, but soon, I need to master wraps she is gaining weight faaaast (8 kg or 17.6 lb!), for her 3 and 1/2 months!
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We're totally in the babywearing camp.

My son is a big little guy-- around 20lbs (!) at 3.5 months. We loved the Moby at first, but he's just too big now. It stretches and sags so fast!

Instead, we've been using a woven wrap that a friend of mine made for us (really just a long piece of woven fabric with serged edges) for the past month or two.

I was intimidated by wrapping at first (and still haven't moved on to back wraps... maybe when he's older) but have been pleasantly surprised by how easy it is after the first two or three times!
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I like variety, so I can't say I have a go to carrier. At first, it was the bjorn, which cracked me up. I have many choices and couldn't believe that it just seemed to support a tiny baby the best. I don't use it now that she bigger because she's in more of a leg dangle type of position. I also liked my kangaroo korner fleece pouch with her legs crossed or froggied, but now, the only way she likes her legs in is froggied in the ergo. I guess I have been between that and the moby regular (legs out) hug hold. I did manage to put her in the hotsling yesterday in kind of a hip carry, and I think I need a smaller size.
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i think i've tried every sling in the book. maybe it's chronic indecision but it also never seemed to get quite right. and i have a chronic herniated disc so it was no easy feat to slap just anything on.
liked the maya but the one i had borrowed had padding sewn into it so it lost some depth and was too shallow.
she was too small for the ergo and still doesn't love it so much.
loved the moby but hated the stretch.
loved the mai tei but missed the wide fabric "straps" of the moby.
finally....i found my perfect combo...the maya tie! it's like a mai tai but with the wide fabric of a moby. and i found one on ebay for $9.99 (the seller had it listed as a defective maya sling...i.e. "rings missing") so happy!
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I am wishing I had gotten the maya tie instead of the maya lp rs. I can't find a comfy way to wear her in that, although it is the easiest to nurse in, I am not very good at nursing on the go. Luckily both my older dd and this little one are 5-10 minute nursers.
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I use an action baby carrier a lot, and when I'm sitting around at home, I still use my ring sling. I've found a new home for my Moby- headed off to an expectant mama, and will be adding to my SSC and wrap collection as I am able.
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confustication - how do you like your ABC? what color is it? I found one on sale...but never saw one IRL. Any action shots? How much does your LO weighs?

mkksmom- I saw recently one on sale online....I have to dig out that web address, let me know if you are interested and what size do you need?

coldandsleepy- I'm playing with my wovens, they are so supportive! YouTube tutorials are wonderful and several other sites have great tutorials!

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