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In summer you can buy them at the Redmond Farmer's market.
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We've had good luck on Craigslist as well.

Have you checked the real milk website? A lot of raw dairies also have eggs- we visit one in Enumclaw (probably a bit too far south for you!). www.realmilk.com has lisitings.

www.eatwild.com also has listings of farms with eggs, many of them pastured.
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You can also get them from SeaBreeze Farm, which is located on Vashon Island. They are $$, but delicious! You can buy from SeaBreeze at the Sunday market in Ballard.
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Way too costly for us, but thanks for the tip!

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Hi everyone. We are Simply Green Farm, a small, sustainable, grass based family farm located in Roy, WA. We produce truly pastured, beyond organic eggs. This means that our happy hens roam fresh green pasture every day. They are supplemented free choice with a certified organic, corn free and soy free feed from In-Season Farms LTD in Abbotsford, B.C. This creates the rich golden orange yolk that defines pastured eggs as well as their numerous other healthy qualities. My wife ate these in abundance during her pregnancy and we are excited to start introducing them to our son. The cost is $6.00/dozen. We deliver to Seattle and surrounding areas for orders of 10 dozen or more. Anyone interested in hosting a metropolitan buying club in exchange for product discounts? We are also on farmstr.com and deliver to the listed drop sites. In addition to pastured eggs, we offer pastured chicken and pork and grass fed beef and will soon be offering grass-fed raw cow's milk. Feel free to call with questions, to place an order or to come down and see where your food comes from! We are excited to be your partners in clean, healthy food. Thanks!


Josh and Tiffany Taylor




**We are also at the Puyallup Farmers' Market every Saturday through the fall from 9a-2p.
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