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It's a BOY!!

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Hi everyone,

Our son was born in the hospital on Jan. 4th at 4:19pm.

He was just over 10 pounds!! Our biggest baby so far. The birth went really smoothly, 6 hours from start to finish.
He is so beautiful, he has a head full of dark hair and the darkest blue eyes.
He's a calm-natured little boy and a champion nurser.
We are so in love!
It took us about 2 days to name him but we finally decided on Alexander Victor.
Big brother and big sister are over the moon - though at first my daughter was disappointed that she didn't get a little sister.
Good luck to the rest of you!!!
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Congrats Mama and Big Boy! Enjoy your Babymoon!!!
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aww, how wonderful! Congratulations, mama! Enjoy your baby boy!
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congrats mama, he sounds wonderful! welcome to the world alexander!

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Congratulations! Enjoy your sweet son!
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Congratulations and welcome Alexander Victor!!!
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Congratulations!! What a big boy!!
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congrats, mama! what a big boy!
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Aw, he sounds gorgeous! Congratulations mama and enjoy your babymoon!
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Welcome to the world, Alexander!
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Congrats mama
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Alexander Victor!!
Enjoy your babymoon 10 pounds is one big baby
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Congratulations! Welcome little Alexander Victor. What a strong name! He sounds adorable.
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Congratulations, momma! And welcome earthside, Baby Alexander!

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