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Abdominal Pain after crunches?

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Okay I am kicking myself for even doing this. I talked with my midwife before last week and she said that it was absolutely fine if I took my PT test since I am so early on in my pregnancy(I am about three to nine weeks but no one knows for definite until my next doctors appointment). Well yesterday I did fine on the pushups and on the stairs but when it came to doing as many crunches I could in two minutes my stomach was cramping. I can feel the pain on the lower right side of my belly and in the upper left part of my belly. I was trying to decide whether I should go to the ER later on if the pain still has not subsided or if I should just call my health provider in the a.m. to get her opinion. Of course, while I am pondering I had to do research on the internet for symptoms and lets jsut say I am paranoid now and do not want to do any more exercising while I am pregnant.
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sounds like it might be round ligament pains... even being early on... i get them already and Im not quite 5 weeks yet even! Stand up from sitting and feel a pull on my lower right near the groin (that ones the worst, the left side only does it sometimes)

the one further up i wouldnt be to worried about as even at 9 weeks nothing to do with pregnancy would be at your belly button let alone above...

it really could just be from your body loosening up for the pregnancy too... with those hormones raging through your system... I do find it makes doing pretty much everything much more painful right now.
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I wouldn't worry too much. You might have strained something, but I very much doubt any impact to your pregnancy coming of your exercising. I was still racing in crew shells at 12 weeks last time, and worked out hard all the way through my pregnancy (rowing as long as I still could get into position, running stairs, running, full yoga practice, biking, hiking, etc.) You're fine.
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