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Need some problem solving help

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Ok so a little background. My dd's bottom has had issues since about July I am guessing. Maybe a little before. I start to get it cleared up and it comes back usually worse than before. We have used disposibles and cloth it doesn't seem to matter, however right now it is the worst its been.
I had it all gone for about a week and the only things that are different in that time is that we switched to raw milk that we milk ourselves and we were out of 100% juice so we were drinking koolaid instead until I could get to the store.

Now today her bottom is so bad and you can see exactly where the diaper insert was sitting on her bottom. I am boiling the flip diaper inserts as that is what we have found that we can use for bedtime without leaks. They always smell terrible.

However I am not sure if this is acidic urine that is causing this or if it is some sort of buildup. I don't have any bubbles on the water as I boil them and I use charlies soap. But it did the same thing when I used wahm, homemade and tide. So I don't think it is that either.

So give me your thoughts if there is something that I am missing, or how to help remedy it.

Oh and dd is almost 3 and only uses a diaper for nap and bedtime.
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Perhaps it is the acidity in the juice? Kool aid is really just sugar water, maybe the water is easier on her skin... hmmmm. Or hard water? If you have hard water I suggest calgon. good luck, HTH
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Well I thought i would update a bit.
I got the smell to completely go away the diapers smelled so wonderful of NOTHING.
I ended up using tide and a bit of bleach. We have well water so the bleach was so minimal that I don't forsee any issue with it.
My thing is I don't understand why I all of a sudden had issues, I have washed my diapers the same for so many years other than a switch from Tide to Charlies in the last 6 months.

I agree that I think that the acid was an issue for her poor bottom. We put her to nap and bed lastnight diaperfree and she woke up dry from both. I think that we may be onto something with that. She would pee in the dipe as soon as we put it on and tell us she had done it. So she knew what she was doing. So heres to hoping that we can just be diaperless with her and done with the rashes as we don't have the problem with her undies.

Oh and we do have hard water but we also have a water softener and we have had hard water for the last 3 years as long as I have been diapering her.
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Charlie's gave my little guy HORRIBLE rash. It's been 3 years and he still has scars. I didn't realize it was the detergent until others posted about their experiences, and while I can't tell you that's what caused your daughters, it's certainly possible.

Charlie's (the company) now recommends using bleach at least periodically to ensure all bacteria is being killed. You may be able to google and find out more, but I remember they responded well and were very concerned about the babies being injured. They said their detergent just isn't strong enough to kill everything by itself, and so you may need to use something else, too.

It certainly seems possible that if Charlie's was the new thing, and switching to Tide and using bleach is all that helped get rid of the odor, then it might have been a bacterial build up on the dipes.

Certainly, drinking more plain water can also help with the issue and recovering from it. The more dilute the urine, likely the easier it will be on her sensitive skin. And going on the potty is even better!
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