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How about anyone planning on a homebirth?

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I was originally thinking I would be stuck in a hospital (not knocking them, mind you, I had two GREAT hospital births...) but thanks to an MDC mommy in tribal areas I have found a homebirth CNM that is not booked for September!

We are communicating through email right now but she seems willing to take me I just sent her about 50 questions to answer about homebirth...

this will be my first, though my own doctor has been telling me that im the perfect candidate for homebirth... she even told me several times while pregnant with DS that she would be happy to come over and birth in my house if we were in a snow storm lol... and I probably would have had to take her up on that if I did not end up induced (which I never want to go through again!)

Then my daughter... I was willing to homebirth but my doctor got pregnant at the SAME TIME as me!!!!! And her partner wasnt so homebirth friendly...

so this time around I really want this!

Any of you planning one or have experience with it?
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We are planning a homebirth! I had DD in the hospital and it was not terrible, but not what we wanted.

Slow leak turned into pitocin and an epidural and 2nd degree tear. DD had a little breathing issue for a few hours and was in the nursery (DH was with her the entire time). I just don't want anything that is unnessesary (which I believe the pitocin was).

I have interviewed one Midwife and have 2 more this week. I am super excited!
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And Im sorry for that

i was on pitocin with DS and I would REALLY prefer never ever ever to be induced again. the labor with DD was not that bad compared to the induced labor with DS.

Of course, being my second my labor with her only lasted a couple hours!

and since this is my third it will be quite fast!
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I am DD2 was born at home and my midwife became a really close friend. I'm super excited to have her here to catch this baby too. Actually my last birth was so amazing that that was the reason why I decided I wanted a third baby...just so I could do it at home all over again
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i am planning my first homebirth too!

when my other two kids were born, midwives (CPMs) were illegal in my state
(and apparently there was one legal CNM but i didn't know about her at the time) so DH would not even consider it .. not even a little. we also do not have any birth centers in the area.. after 2 hospital births, i now know that i can't avoid interventions in my hospital .. and i hate my OB .. i tried to like her, and i tried to find another one who wasn't so horrible (not possible).. it also drives me nuts that i can't take my kids to any appointments OR ultrasounds at the OBs office.. and we have to wait 2 hours for a 5 min appt. really, she wasn't so bad - she was just an OB , and now i know thats just not what i want. and DH finalllllly agrees with me!! (after i *almost* ended up with an emergency c-section directly related to complications from the epidural that i didn't want, but got several hours into my pit induction )

so., i have 2 midwife interview at the end of next week .. i'm really really excited tot alk to them and get things figured out! i like to know what the plan is!
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I was so glad to find out the CNM I was referred to is covered by my insurance... it helps DF come around to the idea so much more.

Though when I first brought it up to him... he said he knew I would not make such a decision without seriously looking into the safety and benefits/drawbacks of it and if I wanted to do it, it would be something he was okay with.

God I love that man
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We are also planning a homebirth. We had a homebirth with my daughter, I had a very painful labor but it was very nice being able to be home for her birth.
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After two CNM attended, wonderful, intervention free hospital births, my midwife has left wthe practice and We are trying to decide between a homebirth and a free standing birth center. My house is small, and cramped, and not necessarily the most peaceful environment. I'm a little afraid of not being able to relax at home. We have an awesome CNM staffed, free-standing, not hospital affiliated birth center about 45 minutes away. They have two beautiful, big birthing suites, with big tubs for labor/delivery. And they do night/weekend appointments, so the drive for appointments won't be an issue. But... I would love to just stay home too, ugh... I'm just not sure I can relax here, with people in the house, unless something big changed! At the moment though, I'm in a highly medical OB practice, waiting for the first trimester monitoring to end, and be cleared for an out of the hospital birth! One step at a time!
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Yeah we are birthing at home with a fishy pool. First time around was almost an unassisted childbirth, an UG MW stopped by to help w/ an asynclitic head and transverse occiput positioning.

Actually, I think she's an awesome person all around and I am wondering if she can just be there to be there lol. The first time I felt very private, as if it was important for only me and DH to be there. And this time, already I catch myself visualizing this big shindig with family members and food and music...weird huh? lol
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We are planning a homebirth. I'm always much more relaxed at home and in a comfortable environment. Just planning on me, DH, and the MW to be there.
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We're planning a homebirth - not sure if it will be a UC or not. I'd like to somewhat UP regardless.
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Me! Me! Last time I had a guy-doctor assisted HB, which, don't get me wrong, was wonderful. But I'm looking into a new-er midwife that is a bit closer. Really excited about it. Don't know how I'll pay for it.
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I am planning a homebirth!

I am really looking forward to being at home because I know my body is made for this and I don't need a million people there trying to control what I do. I also have a serious hospital aversion and am IV-phobic. I have never had one, but I have a very real discomfort with veins and just the idea of an IV makes me panic. So I am hoping to avoid it at all costs.
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oh man Im IVphobic too!

and to make matters worse, my first experience with an IV... in an emergency room... resulted in the IV slipping out of my vein and leaking into my hand... it hurt SO bad and I have since had it put in my files to avoid IV unless it is 100% necessary... and when I DO get them I have to have them in the side of the wrist or in the arm because I cannot handle the backs of my hands being touched anymore.
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I will be planning an HBAC for this one Very excited. I considered a birth center because I really hate my apartment at the moment and it is SO small and cramped. Plus there is a nearby birth center that is BEAUTIFUL, with giant tubs and showers and an orchard to walk through. It's truly beautiful. But in the end, I just can't imagine having anything other than a homebirth. I just don't believe that institutionalized care is best for me, I need to feel like I am an individual and my care is based on what is best for me and my baby, and not some arbitrary standard set up by an insurance guy or legislator I've never met. Not that hospital or birth center births cannot be fabulous, I have witnessed both. I think it's just where *I* feel most comfortable.
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you could, towards the end, designate where you want more space and move everything to make another room more crowded to get you more room.

(of course you want to make you SO or other various slave-person move that stuff for you... unless you REALLY want to go into labor that day! LOL)
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We're having a homebirth!!! I've read so much about it that it seems normal to DH and me by now! However, my mom and older sis aren't so sure. I think since it's my first baby they wonder how I'll handle things. Also, my mom had most of my siblings at home and had complications with my youngest sister that led to permanent health problems for her (sister).

I'm meeting with a CNM on Wednesday and have plenty of questions for her. I know I'll win over my family in just a little while! At least DH is completely on board
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are they complications she still could have had in the hospital?

i am afraid of the reactions from our families IF we tell them we are having a homebirth (if more than MIL-tb want to fly out for the birth... we WILL be telling them, otherwise not going to bother... its NOTB you know?)

as it is my family mostly thinks im overly crunchy for having breastfed my first two (my cousin just had twin boys and didnt breastfeed them because 1. she didnt want the hassle and 2. she wanted to be able to go back to drinking right away.... AGH)
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so, any ideas on how to deal with my non-supportive mother that i can't just not-tell.. ? we haven't told her we are planning a homebirth yet, just assuming based on several comments she has made about my friends who have HBs etc. she lives on our street and is very involved in our lives.. she also normally watches my kids when i go to the doctor.. she is already asking when she needs to watch the kids, i just told her i didn't know yet. i am just not sure what to do.. we told her i was pregnant to get it over with and now she is already questioning me about when i'm going to see the doctor.. i don't want to argue with her about the risks/benefits.. i've already told her tons of statistics defending my friend's choices - she determined that they were not crazy, but that it was not for 'us' .. i'm glad i don't need her permission or anything, but its not like i can avoid her, the topic, etc. for the entire pregnancy..
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It wasn't even a discussion this time, just the plan.
We had a great experience last time and have one of the same midwives this time around, so we're just talking beginning details now.
My line through the whole pregnancy (or until we wanted to share with others) last time was that we plan to stay home as long as possible. A lot of people assumed that meant going to the hospital late in labour. My as long as possible was meaning until we had to go out after the birth.....small details
Would that hold your mother for now and then you can gently warm her up to the homebirth plan?
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