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Anyone NOT felt movement yet at 15 weeks?

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I am just 15 weeks today, but this is my 3rd pregnancy, so I thought that I might have felt something by now. There have been a few times when I thought that perhpas...just maybe...but then it just seemed like gas. I know it is still early, but I see people posting that they are feeling the baby as early as 12 weeks, etc.
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I do feel movement but to be honest the only reason I know for sure that its movement "a rolling feeling" is because I saw my bean on the sono while rolling and felt it at the same time. The movement that I feel is so so sporadic that some times I dont feel anything for 4 or 5 days in a row

with my DS I felt definite movement from so early like 10 weeks on and everyday so this is making me crazy.

My sono tech said my placenta seems to moving towards the anterior so shes suprised I feel anything at all so maybe you have an anterior placenta as well
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I am 15w3d and I think I may have felt movement, but, honestly, I am not 100% absolutely sure. This is my 2nd (well 4th, but 2 early losses) and I should know the difference, but it has been a long time, dd is 5 1/2! I like to think I am feeling the occasional flutter/movement, but really if I had to tell my midwife a definite yes or no, I guess I might have to say no.
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Yeah, there was only one time when I really believe I felt the baby (Friday, at 15w1d), and if I'd been asleep or not sitting quietly, I wouldn't have noticed.
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I'm not 15 weeks yet, but I haven't felt anything either.
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I am 14 weeks today and have felt NOTHING...I am not worried in the least. It is my 2nd pregnancy and I was hoping I would feel it sooner but I think I will not! My due date calculater estimates I will feel a "quickening" the end of the first week of feb or the beginning of the second week. I am waiting. We had a sono (short only 10 or so min) and the baby was NOT super wiggly so I am assuming that I just have a pretty laid back lo in there as it is...lol.
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I'm 15 weeks now and have felt nothing yet. To be honest, they say that with first babies you'll feel them later, and subsequent babies it'll be earlier, but for me that has not been the case. I started feeling my first one move at 16-17 weeks. With my 4th and 5th baby, I didn't feel until 20 weeks, and even then I wasn't too sure. I did not feel regular movement that I knew for sure was the babe until about 22 weeks. I am very petite and not at all overweight, so that was kind of surprising. But, I already had 3 (or 4) kids at the time, and very demanding job to boot, so I think I was just more tired and distracted. Guess it all depends!

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This is my fifth pregnancy. I'm super into talking to my belly, and hanging out quietly during the day with the baby in utero, but I have never felt a baby move before 17 weeks.

Perhaps maybes, but I don't count those. I count from when it's like "oh my gosh! that was the baby!" and then I feel it every day afterwards.
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I am 16 weeks in my 4th pregnancy, and I haven't felt any movement yet. I am much fluffier than in previous pregnancies, and I have an Anterior placenta, so I am guessing that is why.

Hope you feel some movement soon, and I hope I do too!!!
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