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How many types of birth control have you tried in your life? - Page 2

Poll Results: How many birth control methods have you tried?

  • 1% (3)
  • 3% (7)
    Only natural methods like NFP or charting
  • 5% (13)
  • 40% (94)
  • 37% (87)
  • 12% (29)
    6 or more
233 Total Votes  
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Depo shot for 5 years (before my dd)
Diaphragm for 3 months (while going off thyroid meds for scan before dd)
Condoms for 3 months (along with the diaphragm)
Depo shot again for 2.5 years (after dd)
Dh got a vasectomy when ds was 3 months old
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I voted 6 or more.

The pill in various forms for more years than I can remember
Contraceptive sponge
Spermicidal foam
A very lax version of NFP when I wasn't too concerned about pg

Funny, abstinence would never have occurred to me.
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Two - condoms and birth control pills. I switched to the mini pill after DS was born, but haven't bothered since DD was born. I take so many prescription medications that I hate adding yet another one.
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Oh crap, I voted 2-3 but I guess I forgot a few.

-condoms (For a short time when my SO and I first met.)
-depo provera (For maybe 6-9 months from 18-19yo.)
-withdrawal (On and off through the years, once we weren't too worried about getting preggo.)
-the patch/ortho evra (For a few cycles after DS was born.)
-encare (For a short time when we wanted to make sure we didn't get preggo.)
-NFP (On and off for the past few years.)
-the pill (For a few cycles in '08 because I was practically bleeding to death.)

We've been using withdrawal for the last few years now (not counting the few cycles I was on BCPs). We were TTC when I got pregnant with DS, so nothing has failed so far. I'd take an oops though, I wouldn't mind.
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Condoms and the BCP. Both of which were unnecessary since DH and I have male and female factor infertility. We don't use any sort of birth control now and probably won't ever again.
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Abstinence. Well, not that it matters when you're single :P

Condoms. No problems, but I don't know that I'd be comfortable using condoms alone.

Nuva Ring. Out of hormonal BC, it was my favorite because it was really easy to remember.

A few forms of the pill. Hated it. All hormonal BC did was brutally murder my libido, make me depressed and gain weight. Turns out we have a family history of reacting badly to hormonal BC, so I've been off for about 14 months and won't go back on again.

I'm currently single, and don't see that changing anytime soon. I figure I'll have to rely on condoms and spermicide for awhile when the time comes, and then I hope to get an IUD, the copper one. I actually had an appointment made a year ago to get one, but my boyfriend and I broke up so I cancelled it. I'm on my parent's insurance for about another 1.5 years, so I might just erm, embellish upon my relationship status so that I can get it while it's still covered 100%.
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1) Abstinence - not the most fun IMO :
2) Condoms - never used alone, only as a secondary method
3) The pill - was OK at the time, but took almost a year for my cycles to return to normal afterwards.
4) NFP - this will likely be the main method until we are done having children.
5) Ecological Breastfeeding (not sure if this should count) - Only until cycles return, and only because we would be OK with an oops, although I'd rather wait until DD is close to 2 for another.
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I've used the pill but not for many years and not again. Now we usually use condoms. I also seem to go quite a long time between kids without needing any, i didn't get my period back until 16 and 20 months.
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I voted 4-5:

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I answered 4-5. But, reading others answers I remembered a few more so should have answered over 6.
Pill - took lots of trial and error to find one that didn't make me sick. Then I still had to take it at bedtime to avoid an upset stomach. Difficult to remember.
Condoms - wouldn't go back to, but worked out good when dating.
Withdrawal - used rarely. Basically when we hadn't planned ahead and had condoms on hand.
Depo Provera - It probably worked the best of many of the methods. Didn't care for the break through bleeding, but liked being period free most of the time. Liked the effectiveness. Didn't have a huge problem with labido or weight gain. Did take longer to get pregnant after discontinuing.
Abstinence -
Breast feeding - Wasn't too concerned about it not working and getting pregnant as we did want more though not necessarily right away.
Charting - used between babies when I didn't want to deal with the hassle of finding a new method for the sort year or two between babies.

If I hadn't gotten the tubal I probably would have tried the nuva ring or the patch next.

Before marriage I insisted on using 2 or 3 methods of BC every time. So that probably contributed to the number of forms I've tried.
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-Two kinds of BCP
-Mirena IUD

My favorite is definitely the Mirena. I like not getting periods. I like it a LOT.

I've charted, too, but that was to try to get pregnant, not to prevent pregnancy.
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Paragard IUD

The only accidents were when we were using condoms. I trust withdrawal more than condoms now, during my fertile periods.
I would not accept an unplanned pregnancy and anything with a high failure rate isn't okay with me. My children were all planned. After this babe, my husband's getting a vasectomy and I think I might get a Mirena for the easier/lighter/fewer periods side effect.
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I voted 2-3, which include Depo (horrible!) and the pill, but both were prescribed for ovarian cysts and not specifically for bc. Other than that, condoms a few times. We have been qf (no bc, including abstinence-based) for about 12 years now and haven't used anything for at least 13. Unless you count breastfeeding, which I do on demand and for a long time, but I don't count on it for birth control.

No accidents while we were using it and even without bc it is always months after I start getting the itch before I get pregnant. (Our oldest, without the bf'ing, took us about 20 months to conceive, and I had one very early miscarriage the month before.)
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Condoms, BCP, and withdrawal
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I've done a mixture of charting, CMM, CP/exam. CMM alone works well for TTC. Haven't TTA for more than just spacing, and also after a mc I wanted to see what was going on.

I'm not won over by charting...way too hard for me so I would assume BCPs would be a horrific choice for me, ignoring the health issues.

I stumbled upon the cervix project website and was inspired...I'm a visual person so I instantly ordered my tools. I think I will be doing CMM and exams for future TTA/spacing.
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BCP-was put on pills to try to regulate my cycles mostly
Condoms-this was my primary choice for uh-hmm..casual relations or new relationships.
Charting- Used in steady relationships where an "oops" would be ok.

Mostly I've gone years without any BC because I was told when I was younger it would be very difficult for me to become pregnant without any "help" because I don't usually ovulate. So far, this has been true
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The pill, condoms, Nuvaring, and NFP. Very much prefer NFP, but have used the other methods during college and such when it was important to me to hold off on more kiddos.
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I guess it would be two: Condoms when pregnancy would be a bad idea and w/d when we're not trying, but not really trying not to either.

But fwiw, the old Pull out & Pray method has worked for us for 21 years!

I did get a scrip for the pill once but the warnings scared me too much to even take one. This could cause DEATH! Uh, I'd rather be pregnant, thanks.
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I voted "none"

Dh and I have been together for 24 years and my cycles have always been regular between 28-30 days. We just didn't have sex for 3days during cycle and never got pregnant. Now, at 40 when I wanted to get pregnant we did have sex on cd9,11,13,15 and was sucessfully pregnant at 40 the first month. I also was pregnant two times at 43 with this same method although those pregnancies ended in m/c Trying again at 44 now - currently in tww
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I voted 4-5 but I forgot some. Guess I should have voted 6+!

1--the pill, in various forms. Most of them made me gain weight, act psychotic when I had PMS, gave me acne (I usually have very clear skin), and screwed up my cycle. Plus I was always forgetting to take them.
2--the patch, got pregnant on the patch.
3--IUD, both Mirena and copper. The Mirena made me bleed heavily for a month afterward, plus I was always spotting. I had it taken out 8 months later because we wanted to TTC. It took me a year to get pregnant after that! Now I have the copper IUD and I am having similar problems--heavy bleeding (like, bleeding through a pad + a tampon every hour) during my moon, extreme irritability, always fatigued...etc. I want to get it taking out but DP has yet to get his V.
4--NFP, which I wasn't very good at, always losing the thermometer! But I did like it.
5--condoms, which I used for most of my single years, either with the pill or without.
6--withdrawal, which was how I got pg on the patch.
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