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Can't seem to get pregnant *Update*

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I really want to get pregnant, but have been trying for about a year now with no luck. Dd is 3 (as of November), and still nurses several times a day, but is night-weaned (I night weaned her, but I'd like to let her self wean during the day). I had a miscarriage in October 2008, so I have gotten pregnant while nursing, but lately I've been starting to wonder if I'm going to need to be done nursing in order to get pregs for keeps.

The thing is if I wean "just in case," and still don't get pregnant, what a huge loss, you know? I have no desire to wean her and she still loves nursing ("it's my favorite part of sleeping" she says...since I still nurse her to sleep most naps and nights). Frankly it would be a loss to us even if I did manage to get pregnant (even though then it would feel like there was an upside to the weaning idea). But the whole fan-damily wants another baby (dd included).


UPDATE: Well, I don't know if it was the cranio-sacral treatment last month, the deep breathing, the new year or just posting on here, but I'M PREGNANT!! Thanks for all of your thoughts and suggestions everyone
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are you charting? my first step here would be to chart and see if your cycle looks normal, particularly to make sure you are ovulating and that your luteal phase is long enough. (short LPs can be a problem for nursing mamas, and can make you more prone to chemical pregnancies and early losses.)

i wouldn't wean without charting first.

did you have any problems conceiving DD? how long did it take?
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Thanks for the response!

Dd took 8 months of charting and trying. I finally got pregnant the month that I "gave up" because I was moving and had a bladder infection. Of course. But I don't want to move again (or get an infection for that matter)

I charted for a few cycles over the past year--enough to see that my temp is maybe (?) dropping sooner than it should, but that my lp is between 12-14 days (over the course of 4 cycles it averaged to 13 days..but the temp did seem to drop maybe sooner than it should). I'm definitely ovulating...or rather, I'm definitely having a distinct temp shift...Here are the charts: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/295187/rss8775.xml

Is there anything I can do WHILE nursing to help my lp get back to snuff?
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vit b
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A natural progesterone cream may help. Sometimes nursing moms aren't able to get their progesterone up high enough for long enough to get or stay pregnant. The dropping temp would be a sign of that. You can get one OTC (I got mine at my local compounding pharmacy). If you want, you can have your progesterone levels checked at 7 DPO for several months and see if there is a trend of them being low.
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Originally Posted by pjs View Post
vit b
vitamin B-6, to be exact.

but...with your LP being 13 days, that seems great to me. mine is averaging 10

no idea if that is due to nursing, since i only ever charted for 1 month while NOT nursing, and it was the month i got pg with DD.

still, taking B-6 couldn't hurt, could only help.

have you considered getting a work-up (progesterone after O)? it's pretty easy to check.

ETA: can you pull your charts apart? i can't get it OFF overlay, and i want to see them separately if possible.

another thing...how is your CM? would it be worth trying to improve the quality of your CM?

i think there is LOTS you could do/take/try without weaning, mama!
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i gently 'weaned' dd at 26.5 mos after i got pg and had a loss. she was down to nursing about once every 3 days so i did don't offer, don't refuse and she just sort of forgot. she asked to nurse a few weeks later and i let her but she couldn't latch.

i have low progesterone but average lp. it's possible that you have low progesterone even with a 13 day lp. i went in for bloodwork and that is how we found out. it still took us 20 mos to conceive, 11 mos post weaning. i sort of wish i had kept her nursing a bit longer but tandem is definitely not a possibility for us anyway.
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You guys are so great, thank you for taking the time to reply! I have some b6 left over from dd's pregnancy (because trying to help get rid of horrible nausea). Wouldn't be surprised if my "b's" were low... I am doing a prenatal, but it "only" has 600% of b-6...the b-6 supplement has !2500%!

I've been avoiding the workup, honestly. It sounds like a big fat hassle since I don't have a regular doctor right now (double ). I did call a fertility clinic type place, but they wouldn't talk to me until I weaned. Boo to them. I've been hesitant to try progesterone cream without doctor advice...is it safe?

About improving CM, I'm game to try. I don't usually have it tons, but I can definitely tell that there's more in my undies when I'm around ovulation.

I don't know enough about FF to split my charts...I've actually never been able to see them in overlay, so I don't know how that happened! Is this different? http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/295187/rss8775.xml
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-double posted for some reason
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you may get more help and support over at the nursing moms TTC thread over in the Fertility section- come on and join us!

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UPDATE: Well, I don't know if it was the cranio-sacral treatment last month, the deep breathing, the new year or just posting on here, but I'M PREGNANT!! Thanks for all of your thoughts and suggestions everyone!
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Wonderful news! Congratulations
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Yay! Congrats!
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