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Originally Posted by seaheroine View Post
So, for all my discomfort and guilt I made a giant bowl of chocolate pudding and am going to eat all 4.5 servings myself.
LOL love it. But by my standards you're being pretty good, just going for pudding. I've been super indulgent recently and baked a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting that I've been dipping into here and there. I ate really well all pregnancy so I figure these last few weeks are my time to give into the cravings a little bit.
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We're hanging on here too. Looking forward to birthing, not super happy about the pregnancy ending though. Yeah, I have great pregnancies & no morning sickness (but I have LONG labors). It all evens out

This is my last week of working & I pray that I don't go into labor at all this week. I want to have at least one day (well, 2 hours) to take a nap without kids at home. That & I want to clean my house, finish the nursery that will go unused, put my teaching crap away & the list goes on and on...

Anyways, I am now thinking we are having chocolate pudding for dessert tonight. YUM
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no name.

no baby.

no labor signs.

just put my mom on a airplane and sent her home. She'll come back after the baby arrives... not what we intended but

This baby is head down but all kinds of diagonal half the time. I'm the same way, Angela, I can see every. freaking. part of him. Sometimes I think I can feel his nose (YIKES). I spend so much time on the birth ball, hands knees, crawling, trying to ensure he's anterior, but I'm generally discouraged.

Mandie, you rock, mama!!!! Can't wait to read your birth story!!
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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post

Anyways, I am now thinking we are having chocolate pudding for dessert tonight. YUM


Now all I can think of is chocolate pudding (well, not cuz you posted this...) but I have nothing to make pudding, I'm too lazy/ it's too cold to go to the store, especially since I have to go tomorrow anyway.

I kidna don't want to go anywhere these days. I'd like to be cleaning, but it's too hard with DD getting into everything and whining.

We're going to have dinner, then she's getting a bath and going to bed pretty soon. Then I'll probably do some tidy up while she sleeps and head to bed early.
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Originally Posted by Astraia View Post

Now all I can think of is chocolate pudding
blame it on seaheroine...she started it
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We're still figuring out names here too... so indecisive this time around for some reason.

Ugh.... now I know why I didn't want an internal and esp. not a sweep done. My m/w stretched my cervix and did a slight membrane sweep (cuoldn't quite reach) last Monday and I lost my plug the next day and have been having contractions off an on. On Saturday night I was having regular contractions for a while until they petered out. Then last night I woke up several times in the ngiht with cramping and contractions. So I was expecting SOMETHING at my m/w's appt today. I had it in my head that she'd do a full sweep and it would put me in labour tonight. Welll..... that's now how it turned out. My cervix is still very long, she didn't say how dilated but she can easily put two fingers in my cervix (last time she had to wiggle the second in) and baby's head is higher than it was last time. So no stretching or sweeping done at all. And I'm upset because I thought for sure I'd be more dilated and at least a little effaced from last week. I feel so discouraged. I'm only 39 weeks but I feel like an induction just like the last two pgs is going to be how this one ends.

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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post
blame it on seaheroine...she started it

Pretty much I love that Trader Joe's instant pudding. Enough to make more today...that and a greek salad with feta cheese. Or should I say some salad with my feta...mmmm. I went shopping last weekend with my mom, thinking it would be the last big grocery shop, and bought four boxes of pudding. Baby better arrive before I run out -- I'm starving!

Feeling horrible and nauseous already today. Baby twisted and turned weird all night and I feel sore all over. Woke up with wet underwear but don't think it was fluid...more likely peed on myself. I don't want to do anything but eat and sleep but even sleeping doesn't sound nice with my back being pulled either way I lie.

At least I can stalk the board for an update from JayJay!
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we had an ob appt today - dp's weight increased 1lb since last week. bp was slightly higher than normal - 124/80 where she is usually 110/60. interesting to note that mine was 128/70 4 days before our son arrived and was also usually in the 110/60 range...hmmmm.

last night babe was SUCH a wriggler, knees and feet and hands and elbows poking everywhere, i swear he was trying to escape via dp's bellybutton!!

next week she will get a cervix check and potential induction date. hopefully he will decide to come before that.

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So no dr for me today. He's apparently got some horrible flu bug. I'm supposed to see if he's in office on Friday. He unfortunately only does same-day bookings for appointments, so now I need to remember to call on Friday AND somehow get through before he's fully booked up, which could be tricky. You can only book appointments between 8-9 am, and after his very reduced holiday hours I think he's doing a lot of catch up.


Good news- we did our trial run for our pool. The adapter only sort of fits our sink, so if we turn the water on all the way it falls out so it took just over an hour to fill. Then we played in it for awhile (DD played in it too... this was maybe a bad idea, I think, because if she's around while her brother is being born it'll be hard to keep her out of the water). Timing the draining now- we're at 25 minutes and not even half way. Hmm.

DD is SOOOO whiney. She slept well, but is just wandering around crying and having temper tantrums. I think its teeth... hows that for fab timing? Oh well.
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And- just wanted to say- I have chocoalte pudding. A big ol' bowl of icy cold pudding. Yum.
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Funny! I have a big bowl of vanilla pudding (hot off the stove; so I am weird!). ALL MINE!
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So my chocolate pudding was fabulous!! We're having vanilla tomorrow

No names at all & I am starting to get antsy for some reason about this.

Midwife visit was cancelled...baby is moving all over the place & that is so strange for me...this is a quiet baby.

Started taking Liquid Chlorophyll to help with my iron stuff...not too horrible tasting-kinda reminds me of peppermint schnopps.

Can't get my little one out of my bed (he'll be 3 a week after my EDD on 2/2). Don't know how we can get two adults, one toddler & a newborn to sleep on a queen bed.

LOVE seeing all the birth posts...it gives me a great feeling that I CAN birth this baby.
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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post
Can't get my little one out of my bed (he'll be 3 a week after my EDD on 2/2). Don't know how we can get two adults, one toddler & a newborn to sleep on a queen bed.
This is exactly where we're at. I have a feeling we'll baby and I will have our own "honeymoon suite" and ds can sleep with dh. DS has gotten more difficult with his sleeping. Before he'd sleep in his room until 3 or 4 and then crawl in with us. Now he's up at 1030 to try to come in our room, dh brings him back to his bed but by 12 he's at it again so one of us usually brings him back to his bed but stays with him for ther est of the night. But I'm thinking it's too late to do anything about it, going to wait until at least a month or two after baby arrives.
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It has been a challenge for me, I know.

Just the fact that I am now nursing two is a big change, but then when my toddler (only 17 months) will not stay in his bed, that makes it doubly hard.

Last night I was tag-teamed all night long. One was awake and nursing and just about the time I got that one to sleep the other would wake and want Mommy Milk and comfort. And my toddler is not quite used to the new baby taking his Mommy Milk yet, so when he is tired, he becomes especially territorial. Thus, the middle of the night screaming fests we have had are SOOO much fun! Last night I got to sleep some time around 6:30 in the morning, only to have them wake up again at 8.

Oy! Not sure how well this is going to all play out.

On the up side, tandem nursing seems to be going really well! If only I could night wean my toddler and get him to stay in his bed. At least we have a king sized bed. I don't know what I would do if I had a smaller bed to fit us all.
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Add me to the chocolate pudding list! We have the Gourmet cookbook and it has a great recipe, I'd happily send it along if anyone wants it and it is really easy to make... did I mention how easy it is to make?

I was so excited for this week because my husband decided to attend a conference 1.5 hrs south and I told him he could only go if he took our 3yo DS with him. They are both staying at the IL's house in the same town for one night and TWO WHOLE DAYS! So I got my hair cut today and ran some errands but then as I was crossing the street I slipped on some ice and crashed down to my knees, hard enough to give me a bloody knee and ruin my one last nice pair of pants (of course)! So instead of finishing my run around I came home and relaxed. Here's hoping tomorrow doesn't include any run ins with the road and that I can sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep in until some ridiculous hour (like 8:30am) just for fun and without talking to anyone!
My guys will be back tomorrow evening and then we are completely ready for this babe!

So babe, are you ready? Hello? No,really, tomorrow would be great!
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Well, for the first time I feel like might be almost time for me. I am 38 + 4. My other children were born 38 weeks exactly (ds) and 38 + 4 (dd). I have been exclaiming about how great I feel and how I don't feel close to having this little one AT ALL. I am pretty much mentally prepared to go through to my due date and beyond, since I have been feeling so far from labor.

Today I had plans to take the kids to the children's museum. We were just there last week Wednesday. I was SHOCKED at how much more difficult it was to be there today. I did not even notice how uncomfortable I am and what a huge change there has been in my body since last week! We only stayed for 4 hours and it was a real struggle. Back here at home I can barely stand it I am so uncomfortable!! I am still not having contractions or bloody show but something has changed big time, and very suddenly. For the first time this trimester I would actually not be surprised to start labor. So I guess we will see what happens, but I am going to get things in order just in case. Something is definitely going on, even if it just the start of the start, KWIM?
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I hope it is the start, or the start of the start! You are so close. Very soon you will have your LO in your arms!
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MW is having me start bi-weekly biophysical testing tomorrow. I have to drive all the way to NJ to do this, since the place close to me is booked for the next two weeks.

Did a photo session with DD for a grad student doing her thesis on nursing toddlers. Got the CD today and loaded it into the computer, which promptly ate it, refuses to allow me access to see it, or to eject.

muey frustrating.
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the start of the start. Thats how I feel. Very little of something. Barely nothing. But could turn into something.
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