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If you choose NOT to find out the gender

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How do you refer to your baby in casual conversation? I don't like calling my baby "it". Most times I say "he", partly due to having all boys. Occasionally I'll say "she" or "the baby".

What do you do?
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I either say "pop-pop" which is what DD has christened this baby, or i say "he", mainly because DD is determined it's a girl and i want her to be somewhat aware/prepared that it might be a boy. I use "it" sometimes too, which doesn't bother me at all.
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usually 'the baby' or 'it'
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Originally Posted by bubbamummy View Post
usually 'the baby' or 'it'
Yeah, same here. "It" or "the baby".
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I use 'it' or 'the baby' or sometimes 'bean'. DH uses (occasionally) Cletus-the-fetus, which earns him an evil look. DSD uses 'the little person' which I find absolutely adorable.
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with mine before finding out we always gave them a nickname, which still stuck even after finding out gender

DD was Junebug (born in late june)
DS was Critter

this ones currently my little bean until DF and I can discuss a nickname for it (living 1100 miles apart makes pregnancy conversations tough.)
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It, baby, he, she. It always has varied on the moment.
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We say "baby" or use the nickname "Rocky" instead of saying "it".
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I say, "The baby" and "he or she"
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The kiddo is referred to as "the baby" in public or "beany" with family and close friends. The nickname thing just kind of worked itsself out for us
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"the baby" or "Trey" (this is #3)
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Last time was "the baby" or "Frogling." I'm sure a nickname will develop for this new baby.
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first one was stinker, second was booger and this one is squirt. I have no idea how these nicknames came about, I blame DH because he refuses to name them ahead of time so we have to call them SOMETHING
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the baby, it, pirate, wee scurvy dog, new bairn...all are acceptable. lol.

'it' has never bothered me as a way of referring to an unborn baby. It might not be socially acceptable, or even proper English, but meh. I just don't care.
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with my last pregnancy, we always used "baby" (not THE baby, just baby! lol) I imagine we'll do the same this time unless some witty nickname sticks...
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I almost always said 'he' 'cause I just knew it would be a boy. We also had little nicknames, one we used most often was 'KB' (which is the first letter of the girl's & boy's name we had originally chosen, although we didn't end up using either!) I hated "it" because he wasn't an "it" -- he was my baby!!! So he, KB, the baby, whatever... that's what we went with
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the first time, I alternated between 'he' and 'she' just to cover the bases
the 2nd time we found out, but before we did, we used 'he' 'cause it was easier
this time I'll probably use 'he' also, 'cause I have 2 boys and am assuming it's another one - we aren't finding out, though, I don't think.
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I switch back and forth quite a bit. It's kind of awkward but not really that big of a deal to me! Other people seem more uncomfortable with it than I am.
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We went with a nickname as well, with Bear, Cricket and now Polliwog. We still call our older daughters by these nicknames.
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We use a pseudonym as well. Newbie or Moon or Bean. But also "the baby" and somehow we started calling it "the newbian". Mostly dd calls it "little brother OR sister" when she's talking to the belly, which is pretty cute.
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