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We're up between 7 and 8. Dh leaves at 8 for work, which is when I officially get out of bed.
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Wow, I feel like a huge slacker. I get up whenever the baby gets up (usually between 9 and noon) and the older kids (4 and 5) get up sometime before that and play together in their room until we are up. DH is usually up making work calls in the early AM (works from home) so they know to play quietly for the sake of letting the baby sleep and letting DH get some calls made before baby-chaos awakes. They just got pocket V-Smiles and legos for Christmas so they usually play with one of the two unless DH is able to help them with the playdoh. They get themselves water or milk and eat apples if they get hungry before we're up.

As you can see from the 5AM post time I am up pretty late each night as I also work from home. We don't really have a schedule before 5pm each day because we have alot to do for our business, but we always manage to get something done with the kids before 5 by working around any appointment times and we catch up with the rest in the evening. I LOVE the flexibility in our household and feel like it saves us so much stress. Bedtime for the kids is the only thing we have set in stone.
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I wake around 7 or 7:30 and we are going by 9
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We wake up at 9 because that's the latest the dd2 will sleep in and she wakes us all up. If she'd sleep in as late as dd1 would we'd stay in bed until 11 and I'd be blissfully happy!
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We tend to wake up at 12-1 pm most days, but are trying to pull it back some. Today i got up at 8 am cuz i had to work.
Ideally, I'd like us up at 10.
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We usually start our day around 9:30 or 10. My oldest son usually wakes up around 8 or so and works on projects etc. He seems to enjoy the time to himself before his little brother wakes up. He also knows he can come in and get us at anytime, for any reason. I would love to be an early morning mama, but just can't seem to pull it off. My husband and I work from home after the kids are in bed, so we are up until about 2AM. We usually eat breakfast and then jump into school. We don't have a lot of structure, so I am really trying to get something established. I am sure everything will change when our next little one arrives in late April/ early May!
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DD is an early riser, and gets up around 8am. We lounge around for a bit in bed though and read, or daydream, or talk about our day so I try not to get OUT of bed until about 8:45ish. Most of the time it works
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Usually 7:30 and we start lessons around 9 ish.
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I wake up when my kids do which is about 12 hours after whenever they go to bed. That has typically been around 8 give or take 1/2 hour. They are going to bed really late because of some medication and they are waking at 10 or even 11 and I'm sleeping until then. It does mess up our day but it's temporary and, really, I'm secretly hoping when they are a bit older they'll naturally start sleeping till 10! I'm built to stay up late and sleep in but my real life has hardly allowed that!

I can't see myself ever waking them to start our day. Sleep is so important. Part of the reason I homeschool is so they can get all the sleep they need when they need it (really, seriously).
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Wow, not many early birds on MDC.

I am usually up about 5am, along with DS (he takes a late morning nap which works great for us because it gives us some quiet time for lessons without an almost 2yo creating havoc).

The girls are usually up between 6 and 6:30. The 6yo plays with Ted while I run and shower, and the 9 yo reads in bed for a while. DH leaves about 7 am. We have breakfast at 7:30 and start lessons right away. We are done with most things by lunch, and have the afternoons for art, science, nature study, music practice and other activities.

This schedule works great for us. Morning is definitely the best time for academic work for my children, and we all like having flexible afternoons.
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We are all up by 5:30-5:45. I would love to sleep until 7:00 though. Both kids are early risers. They like to see Daddy before he leaves for work...about 5:50.
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I know how you feel!

Dh leaves the house by 7am and the kids used to wake when he was in the shower. Now we've been getting up between 8am-9am. Earlier on activity days. Well, ds still wakes up earlier than me and dd but plays LEGO in his room til we get up.

I feel kind of blah about it but it is winter and we naturally wake up earlier when the days are brighter. We kind of lag in motivation this time of year anyway so why make ourselves feel worse?

This is fairly new for us. The dks are 7 and 4 and were notoriously early risers. Finally I get a little extra sleep. It was the joke of the neighbourhood that we were the only ones that didn't have to get up for school and yet my two were up, dressed and fed before 7am.
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we get up between 7-8 and the kids and I are dressed, fed, and ready to start schoolwork by 8-9 my kids attention is best in the early hours
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Me 5:30 to try and beat the kids out of bed. Kids normally between 6 & 6:30. Hubby leaves for work at 6:45 so everyone wants to see him before he leaves.
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It's rare that anyone in the house wakes up before 7am. I think that 8:30 is more the norm... Although, we occasionally have later days too.
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Feels good to know I am not alone on MDC regards to wake-up time. I'll always be a night owl. In college, I scheduled my classes to start no earlier than noon.

Homeschooling has helped me get up earlier, otherwise I used to sleep in until after 10am.
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Wow, I can't believe how many people wake up around 6 naturally!

I am not a morning person. My dp wakes at 6:15 and I wake up a little with him but usually try to go back to sleep. I've also had some insomnia rearing up lately, and I have a hard time getting to sleep when I'd like to do so (around 10 but usually up til 1ish or even later, I know, bad!), so I don't feel bad about getting every wink that I can in. I'm growing a human, now, and I need my baby sleep.

Anyways, M-F our roommate gets up around 8 and that usually wakes up my dd (who otherwise will sleep in til closer to 9 which I LOVE), and then she comes down to use the bathroom, and I'm awake after that, stay in bed snoozing or cuddling up til 9 sometimes. Somehow she has hardwired herself to wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays to take maximum advantage of Sat AM cartoons, to my chagrin. So those days she'll creep down really early and turn the tube on very quietly and sit there and screen out til me and dp get up---which I really dislike, ugh. She is very addictive about it, and then cranky for the rest of the day, sorry OT.

We eat brek immediately after getting out of bed, so I don't feel bad about that either. On weekends, my dp will languish in bed (which means we all do, too, for team family cuddle factor), and sometimes we'll stay in bed til we're all low on blood sugar and cranky, and that's bad for everyone. So I try and be aware of that and be the first one up on weekends---still not unusual for us all to stay in bed til 10.

I guess . . . if there's no reason to wear day clothes, then why stress staying in pajamas? DD usually wears yoga pants and a tank to bed instead of "pajamas", though. But really, I don't care if she wants to wear her pjs for days. Wear em to the store if you want to. I'm really glad that she's not in school and we don't have that pressure of being fed, showered, dressed to a T, and ready to roll before 8am. That was horrible last year! My family has a really hard time getting out of the house before 10.
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Its usually around 6am.
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