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Looking for a sling SE MI

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I was wondering if there is anywhere to purchase a sling in person in the SE MI (Detroit/Ann Arbor) area. I would rather not order over the internet and can't seem to find any store that sells slings. Do they just not exist and I am going to have to resort to the internet?
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Ahhh...now I see on Page 2 the same question with a few answers. If anyone else has another suggestion beside Baby Bliss in Northville, thanks.
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Check out The Little Seedling (formerly Tree City Diapers) in AA. It's been several months since I've been over that way, but last I knew they had a pretty extensive selection of carriers. Good luck in your search!
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Sweet Pea & Little Sprout in downtown Plymouth sells one or two styles of slings. But The Little Seedling has the best selection and the staff is VERY helpful. I tried on several styles there, and the staff fitted & adjusted each style for me to help me figure out which was the most comfortable for my body type.
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My friend sells Moby wraps! I can have her stop by here and perhaps PM you if you'd like!

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We're fans of The Little Seedling (formerly Tree City Diapers). Their website is treecitydiapers.com.
They have a big selection of slings to try on with a weighted baby (or your real baby!) and will help as much as needed with the mechanics of sling use.

Also, another good (maybe even better) option is the Ann Arbor Babywearer's meeting. Each Tuesday, the group meets at Briarwood Mall's playspace from 10a-12p, and the leaders keep a huuuuge library of different types of carriers/slings for folks to try and borrow for a couple of weeks so you can see what works and what doesn't before you buy. We love it!

Hope you find something that you love.
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I'm going to second the AA babywearing group at Briarwood. The leader has a huge library and is very knowledgeable, and I've met mamas who work at the Little Seedling and Caren from O&A there too! You can meet there, try a few things and then either order online or try The Little Seedling.
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Thank you for the suggestions, I will check LS out and maybe the AA BW group.
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There is also a BW meeting every month in the Troy/ Royal Oak area. If you are interested in something more this way check out the Detroit Babywearing Group!
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Little Seedlings does baby wearing classes as well. They have an awesome big brick and mortar store, great staff, wide selection (cloth diapers, toys, maternity wear, nursing bras, glass/stainless bottles/cups, etc.). Can't recommend them highly enough!!
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