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36 weeks pregnant found out last week Its 2!!!

Hello everyone,
my name is Michelle. I'm mommy to 4 amazing little boys, and just found out
we are expecting. 2 more on 2/13/10!
I look forward to lots of great info.
Any homebirth moms to twins?
Would love to hear great stories.
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Michelle - you are 36 wks & you just found out its 2? WOW!

Has anyone tried the GN.C protein shakes "M.uscle Milk'? each serving has 32 g whey protein & 12g fat, soy free & its on sale right now? thoughts? I cant find the Shaklee local & it is more than double the price.
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M.uscle Milk is kind of yucky. I tried it at my mom's house a few weeks ago because I left my Shaklee at home. I can't describe it- sort of like Slim Fast. Shaklee is super expensive though!

Another thing I'd recommend is to make your own shakes. Buy a large bag of Whey protein and add it to Ovaltine and Milk. I also have Beneprotein to add from time to time. I really love...carnation instant breakfast, milk, peanut butter, and a scoop of beneprotein. It has a ton of protein and is SO tasty. But I don't have that often because I don't know how I feel about carnation instant breakfast.
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34 weeks and feeling like it's happening fast!


I've been reading these forums since we found out about our boy/girl twins at 20 weeks. We're 34 weeks now and feel like all of the sudden we're in the home stretch. Feeling good but just started having trouble sleeping. Lots of back/ joint pain. Hoping to deliver naturally and unmedicated but am a little afraid. We have an active 2 year old who drags his baby doll around the house by the ankle. Nice to meet you all!

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I would love to make it to 34 weeks relatively comfy! I was pretty uncomf at 28 weeks & not sleeping with my singleton last time so I am prob in big trouble!

Well I got just plain whey protein (thanks for the suggestion Valerie) in vanilla & made my first shake last night & it was really good! I think I will be able to get closer to my protein goals now yay!

I was thinking of getting the Valco twin stroller with toddler seat (I have a 1 yr old too that will be 15m when the twins arrive) anyone have an opinion on it or have one? We cant afford both that & one that does infant seats so I guess we will have to wake a sleeping baby but I doubt I will be out much anyways other than their doc appts.
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I'm glad that the whey protein worked for you! I may actually go that route this time...I just started my second Shaklee so far this month and it's getting expensive (plus I have to pay shipping).

I've been pretty fortunate so far. With the exception of the PUPPP itching I'm generally feeling good. I'd feel better if the itching would stop- I was sleeping good.

As far as strollers, I have the sit n stand elite from One Step Ahead from my older two and I picked up an inexpensive used Snap n Go off craigslist. I actually hope to use the sit n stand for DS & one twin and then put the other twin in my sleepy wrap. If DD & DS are walking, I'll snap both twins in the snap n go. It seems like it'll work. I wish I could easily carry/wrap both twins because I rarely used a stroller with my other two. But that doesn't seem quite possible (I'm not comfy with baby on my back).
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Had an ultrasound today! Both girls are measuring perfectly and everything looks great. Baby A is head down, and Baby B is head up! I am still planning a homebirth if everything is still good at 37 weeks.

I kind of don't want my pregnancy to end! Is that weird?
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Don't worry Molliejo, when you get to the bitter end you'll probably be MORE than ready for it to end.

I have such memories, reading all these posts. Especially the ones from you ladies who found out later or are due in May. Ah, it seems like yesterday.

Wellnessmama (Michelle) I had my twins at home, as did Gena22 and a host of other ladies. There is a birth stories sticky at the top of the forum page. You can read mine at http://babyhayes5.blogspot.com the link is on the side. I blogged my entire pregnancy.
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