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Guess who is having a homebirth?!

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I heard on the radio the Gwen Stephani is having their baby at her mothers home and its going to be a water birth!

I knew I liked that woman and here is yet another reason why!
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I heard on e talk daily today that Gwyneth Paltrow is having a waterbirth at home too.
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It's just so trendy.
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Thats really cool. Not surprised by Gwynneth Paltrow though!

There are a lot of celebs that homebirth, breastfeed, etc.
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It seems like the perfect solution for celebs. No paparazzi, cameras or helicopters. Just privacy and peace for mama and baby!
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Nelly Furtado had a homebirth. When a local DJ interviewed her and asked her about it the DJ was like "WOw! Wasn't that totally empowering?! Did you have a mdwife and a doula? That is fantastic! Good for you!" I pruposely listened thinking I'd hear all kinds of horrible things and I was so pleasantly surprised.
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veganmama--that's awesome!!
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Hey Pam, maybe you should move to LA! Get rich doing celebrity homebirths! Yeah, it is getting trendy. But a big to them anyway! (It's sure better than the other hollywood trend of scheduled c-sections...)
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How great!!!!
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Alright, color me clueless - but who's Gwen Stephani :

Thanks for enlightening me

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Gwen is the singer for the band No Doubt
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umm... I can't find any info about Gwen being pregnant anywhere... lots of rumors but nothing definite... did she say she was pregnant at this time or was she speaking of when she gets pregnant she will have her baby at her mom's house?

That's cool about Gwyneth, though. She is that sort of person, I think. From what I've read and seen and heard from her.

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That's cool about Gwen Stefani (although I read at least three trash celebrity mags every week and I haven't seen any mention of her being pg...).

I just read in "In Touch" last night, though, that Gwyneth is considering having her baby at a hospital in LA close to her mom because Madonna told her horror stories about the hospitals in London.
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ok, as long as we are celebrity gossipping...

Madonna *deeply* disapointed me when she said of her births (in a magazine article, O, maybe) "eeewwww, they were both gross" What?! I mean, regardless of how your labor goes, to describe the birth of your children as "gross"? i was so bummed. I thought she was all enlightened with her yoga and Kabbalah. Guess not.
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Gwen Stefani is not pregnant. I think someone just got her confused with Gwyneth Paltrow.
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Ok, I am no celebrity watcher, hardly knew who the ones mentioned earlier were, BUT...

I know Madonna's first was a c-section, I remember reading an article that reported her as saying something about getting a nose job as she was wheeled to the OR.

I never heard if she had a vbac or a repeat section. Yeah, I'm ashamed, how old is her second?

Can anyone help me out? Was it vbac or section???
Inquiring minds want to know...
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It was a section for Madonna's second

Its funny that they mentioned Gwen being pregnant considering the also talked about her dh, Gavin Rossdale....guess it was a goof.
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I have to sound like the cynic, but I have never bought into Madonna's "enlightenment" scam. I have a love/hate r-ship with her -- I have a fascination with pop-culture, so I love her for her ability to constatnly keep herself interesting the the masses.... but I can't stand the way she uses ideals and principles and spiritual practices that people hold very dear and sacred as a means to "reinvent" herself. She's as phony as that English accent she adopted a few years back.:

And Gweneth... well, I hate to say it, but I sort of feel the same about her. Granted, she has been more consistent than Madonna, and I certainly think it's great for anyone to be health conscious, and more power to anyone who wants to have a homebirth... but I have to wonder, would she make the same choices if there were no media reporting on it? Would she make the same choices if there was no "image" to promote?

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I stand corrected. I thought the article I read said she was considering a hospital in LA (and it may have), but I found this:


I have to wonder, however, why -- if she's planning on homebirth -- she would have to do it in LA instead of in London, where she could certainly find a MW she is comfortable with and homebirth is much more common than in the US?

ETA - I should have read the article more carefully:

"'She has always wanted a home birth so she didn't think it would make much difference where she had it. But Madonna, who had lots of complications with son Rocco, told her that if something went wrong America is the best place to be.' "
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mamameg--how do you think Gwenyth is doing this to promote her image? It seems to me most mainstream people who see this will only see her as strange.
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