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Cleveland Area Questions!

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My DH will be taking a job in downtown Cleveland this summer and I'm trying to find somewhere for us to live.

I'm finishing up my BA this year and am hoping to get into the Library Science program at Kent State University next year.

We have two boys; a 5 year old and an 8 year old. Both will be in elementary school this fall.

Here are some areas I am looking at:

Boston Heights
Cuyahoga Falls

We need a place fairly close to Kent State. I am going to have enough trouble driving in the snow without having a long commute!

1. Are any of the places near the transit system to get to the Federal Building downtown in Cleveland?

2. Do these have good elementary schools?

3. Any of these we should absolutely avoid?

4. Are any near good libraries?

5. Any skateparks?

6. Any health food places?

7. Any good gyms/fitness places?

8. Anything to add?

9. If you had to choose from this list, which would be your top three?

10. Also, is there good hiking at the Cuyahoga National Park?

Thanks for any help!
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It sounds like Cuyahoga Falls fits your criteria best. although for any of them, getting to downtown Cleveland will be a haul.

here is our local board: http://www.apcleveland.com/forum/

we loooove to hash these things out for peeps
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Getting to downtown from any of those places is going to be difficult. Look into RTA Cleveland and see if there are any buses that'll take your DH from where you are considering down to the trains.

Unfortunately Kent State and the Federal building downtown are pretty far apart. But driving in the snow in Cleveland was never an issue for me. It's worse here in Cincinnati!

Top pick for me would be Cuyahoga Falls...second Macedonia...but from what I know you'd *have* to drive from both of those places to somewhere within Cleveland proper to get transit.
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HOOO boy. If you're depending on transit in Cleveland, you're really desperate. You'll want to stick to the east side of Shaker Heights or Beachwood to be on the Rapid transit line, which will take you in to public square, and then take a loop bus or walk to the Federal building. As far as Kent State goes, it's a 40 minute drive easy, even from Beachwood, as the neighborhoods that have transit access and the neighborhoods that are near the highway aren't the same ones!

Avoid streetsboro, it's NOT kid friendly, it's all sprawl. And too near the turnpike.
Twinsburg has old homes and is more like a town. Cuyahoga Falls has well-documented racist issues, and a very large megachurch/tv evangelist.

go to The Cleveland Magazine to look at the best schools. I think for easy transport, both downtown and to the highway to Kent , I'd try looking in Beachwood. Beachwood has all of the above, they are progressive areas, very walkable, on the Rapid Line, and with great amenities. I myself lived 2 miles from there while raising toddlers and commuting to Kent, so I know whereof I speak!

There is GREAT hiking all over Cleveland, the parks are a wonder. CVNRA is a wonderful resource for hiking, local food, music, childrens' education--pretty much everything. Beachwood has everything on your list and then some, and, although pricey, the homes nearer the rapid and on smaller lots (older) are very affordable. Plenty of small apartments are spread around the area with walking/biking trails to connect you to a real neighborhood, plus THE whole foods and Trader Joes!
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Originally Posted by MelMel View Post


So sorry...I just saw this! Life has been pretty hectic the last year. We had the hardest time finding a rental house because we were still in California. We didn't want to commit to a house without seeing it first and most landlords (understandably) didn't want to hold a house when they had other potential renters. Finally, when we were a couple of days away from showing up in Ohio, we found a nice house in North Ridgeville. I'm happy with the area and the schools (although I could do without the weather!)


Unfortunately, my mother passed away suddenly and I had to take some time off from school and will not graduate for a few more months, so I couldn't start at Kent this year. Not that it matters...we found out my husband is getting short-toured again and we will be moving next summer instead of in 2014. So, I have basically given up and decided to do my MLS/MLIS online.


Thanks for all the help!

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