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Just Whining

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Make it Stop!!! I just want it to end. No more nausea! This is my fifth. You think I would remember how much the first three months sucks. At least I am almost done. Kudos to those who suffer morning sickness the entire time. My heart goes out to you! I can't get anything done and I try to sleep the nausea off...not that I have a choice with how tired I am.
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I'll whine with you. I go from nauseous one day to completely exhausted and a horrible headache the next. I'll have some random good days that give me hope, but with DD I was sick until the half-way mark. :P I'm hoping it won't be quite that bad this time!
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I've been so sick, sometimes DH gets on my nerves because he doesn't understand that sitting/sleeping is all I can do. I had 3 good days in a row,then today it hit me full force again. I don't remember how long I was sick with DS but it was like this.
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Argh I feel you ladies!! I am battling constant nausea and 3-4 times daily vomiting even being on zofran 24/7 and prilosec. This is #4 and after just having #3 my MW and I have found the meds that actually make my life bearable. But oh my gosh its still hideous. I am sooooo exhausted all the time and then I cant sleep because I feel sick! That is why I am up now snacking on pretzels and peanuts waiting for it to subside so I can fall asleep. Mine has lasted my entire pregnancy before, with it getting slightly better around 16-20 weeks each time. I love having babies but HATE this part of being pregnant.
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