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PhDs 2010 - Still Believing and Achieving!

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Okay - okay I've procrastinated long enough. I've started it now!!

How was 2009? And what are your resolutions for 2010?

2009 was chaotic - full of change and stress. I traveled everywhere to conferences, I moved, I was morning sick horribly for 2 mo straight, and then I did more traveling and talks and interviews. I am hoping 2010 is a more peaceful year, but with a baby on the way, we all know that is impossible, right?

My goals:
To show my advisor I really can kick butt - due March (have no idea how the heck I am going to finish everything on my to-do list ),
baby - due April,
finish writing up dissertation - July. *whew* I'm not planning for any conferences this summer because of the baby. I will defer until next year.

I have only 3 job applications out for TT positions in the state to where I relocated and 1 other position may materialize in Feb if they get the NSF grant.
1. My phone interview > on campus interview > top 2 and they are deciding between us now where's the eyeroll? if I don't get it, i get an offer if the other declines. I almost hope that is the way it goes - I mean its risky that the other person will accept, but if they decline, I am in a better position to negotiate what I want out of that job.
2. Got a phone interview tomorrow AM I have been prepping for. Very prestigious college, and honestly don't expect to make it to the interview round, but we will see.
3. Haven't heard yet, but the due date for this one was after #2. They have up to 2 positions available, so I'd be a bit surprised if I didn't get an interview.

Instead of the broadcast spawning approach, I have gone for the mothering approach and given greater parental investment to each of my applications, and I think it is paying off based on preliminary results. There are +/1 for each job. In fact the one that only *may* materialize might be the job I'm most interested in... we'll see how things pan out.
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(Brand new here, but definitely a thread for me!)

I've been in something of a holding pattern. I was on personal leave for most of 2009, dealing with my first son's needs (Asperger's and Anxiety Disorder diagnoses in early years of grade school), and am now on maternity leave for son #2 who should be here anytime.

Nevertheless, my goal for this year is to get my work to the point where I can finish my comps within the first 3 months back from mat leave in 2011. My supervisor is willing to read things I write while on leave.

On the other hand, I'm not in the best place about my PhD mentally, as I've realized that my philosophy about teaching and academics is fundamentally different than most of my department. So I'm also working on certification for teaching in public school. Not sure how things will pan out, but I figure it covers my bases. Plus, with a special needs son at a school that can really meet his needs and few post-secondary employment options here, it's the most practical move for me.
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I have my applications in for Fall 2010. My M.Ed. advisor dragged her feet and submitted recommendations 1 1/2 months LATE and after she responded saying she'd do it (after the deadline) she then tried to talk me out of applying for the programs I applied to saying I didn't have applicable experience. She doesn't know the whole breadth of my experience, except for what she and I did together which is applicable although not directly related. Ugh, anyway that's my vent.

But like I've said all along if I don't get in, then that's fine. I'm not even sure if I do get in if I'll accept. I have to see what's right then based on the information that I'll be getting between now and then. I can't accept (or reject) an offer if I never apply...
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GL both of you. A phd is definitely a huge commitment. Its hard to say whether i'd do it again if i had a choice. we will see!
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I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have started my doctorate if I'd known what was in store with my son. He's not super-high needs, but I hate that we turned his life upside down to move for my program and then ended up some place where we had trouble getting any diagnostic services and had to pay for all therapy out-of-pocket. As soon as I finished coursework, we moved closer to my in-laws and into a school district with great services.

But now I figure I might as well finish. I hope to teach at the high-school level until then, probably part-time, and see where everything is at that point before I start sending out applications.
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I'm new here as well - but it's a perfect thread for me. 2009 was crazy and 2010 is shaping up to be even more so. I am currently "writing at home" with my DS who is 2 months. I have spent most of 2009 being nauseous (how about 8 months of morning sickness) but still managed to complete the data collection and write draft 1 of my second and final paper. Unfortunately the draft is still sitting on my advisor's desk, while it's nice that he doesn't expect me to really get much done while caring for DS but I do need to graduate.
I'm planning to defend at the end of April and that paper is half my thesis.
So, in 2010 I need to finish writing, defend and find and start a job.
DH will also be defending his Ph.D. as well, so 2010 is a huge year for us. Hopefully the rest of it goes smoothly...
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Hello All! I feel positive about 2010. I am in my last official class of the program (after just finishing the class from hell - worst teacher and class ever had in the program.) I take my comps in May (and am VERY nervous) then I start the dissertation process. Eep.

A fellow classmate has defended his proposal, passed IRB, and is starting data collection - he is inspiring me to continue. He is a senior VP in a very big company and a dad of 5. If he can do it - so can I!
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We found out just a few weeks into 2010 that we were expecting. What a shock! (I suppose I didn't really know where babies come from, right?) I look back on our New Year's Eve photos and laugh at my innocence, as I didn't yet know what we would soon discover. I feel like this is the best time in my life to be pregnant, however, as I will defend April 2 (when I'm 14 weeks), graduate (barring a succesful defense!) May 8, and attend my ten-year high school reunion in June before my birthday in July. I don't yet have a job lined up. I think the next year will be all about enjoying my child's first months while trying to get a book deal and attempting to sell our house in a terrible market. It is exciting and scary at the same time, but I have high hopes for this year. I don't know where we'll be or what we'll be doing this time next year, but I look forward to sharing these experiences with all of you.
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I may not be joining you after all. Two of the programs I've applied for haven't accepted me, and I haven't heard from the other but it was the last choice and from my estimation, the least likely as well. Such it is... and its all fine. I'm a little disappointed but relieved at the same time. Starting a PhD with two kids and having a PhDing husband would be a great challenge, and one that I'm completely okay with not taking on right now. I just better have my chance someday.
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so sorry Jenn!!!

I have a job offer and another one possible brewing. The date to decide is Friday, so I am hoping the second job comes though - its at my DH's work. Already having fantasies about solving the 2 body problem in the best possible way. Still waiting to hear about one other for which I am an alternate. Overall its been a good year for job openings and interviews for me. Wish me luck girls...

Oh yeah - um I *should* be writing, but with this job thing hanging over my head guess what is NOT happening right now. I need a good kick in the butt!
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hi --- nak of course.

i just finished coursework and am comping in sept. i just had my 2nd baby and teach 2x/wk. somehow i'm supposed to do a ton of work while taking care of my girls and right now i feel very discouraged and doubtful i can do it. i told dh we either need more $$ for childcare or i need him home more. i don't have the time i need to make progress.
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NAK - so nice to meet everyone here.
Jenn so sorry...
Carita - good luck! I'm in the same boat - should be writing but the job hunting is hanging over me. At least I found some things I am not overqualified for. I'm trying to push off graduation by a month so that I can stay at home till DS is 5 months (not sure if I can though)
I still have so much to do...
Smokeylo - good luck! It is so hard to focus on the studies while taking care of the family. I hope you'll find a solution that works for you.
I have not gotten any writing done last month. Yikes! Better get at it.
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Hi everyone!

I'm in my second year of my PhD program with a 5 month old. My DH is in the same program as me, same year. We are trading schedules to avoid day care. Most of 2009 was classes and pregnancy leave. None of my experiments resulted in publishable data though, ack...and i've pushed back candidacy till the fall of this year. So now i'm on a new (promising) project that i enjoy, but i have so much work to do! Sometimes I wonder if i will be able to do it all, and be a good parent, and the anxiety can really kill motivation. I'm sure once i dig in more my confidence will return. It can be so overwhelming. Goals for 2010: finish last class, pass candidacy, take lots of good data, get a paper published. Maybe next year i won't feel like my PhD is so impossibly far out of reach =) Glad to have you all to chat with about academia with kids. Good luck with your endeavors this year!

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I'm really curious to know what fields people are pursuing, I'm getting a PhD in neurobiolgy and behavior.
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sounds really interesting. My degree is materials science and engineering, my focus is in polymers.
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Classics, specifically Latin.

I've been frustrated lately since I'm finding more passion for teaching than focusing intensely on the little niche I've been carving out in my field. Makes it hard to do any writing.
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I'm in literacy education/higher ed.
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I lost track of the 2009 thread -- thanks for starting a new one, Carita!

I am just about out of here (I hope) -- I am defending next week. Fingers crossed. I have already started a great postdoc, and I want to keep doing all this exciting new work!
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GL pi!

smoky lo & PSU - I did PT daycare w/my son for 1 semester and I had to admit it wasn't going to work. there was no way that I was getting enough done. more power to you, but don't feel guilty smoky if you have to get more childcare help.

I guess I didn't update on this thread - I hopped over to the prof thread for a bit. I got a job! asst prof but at a small school that's non-tenure track. since I'm due next month, my advisor talked me into defending in fall instead of summer. i was mad at first, but I get the logic. better plan for a little late than too early. and this will give my committee more time to read it since 1/2 my committee will be away until mid aug.

so much do do in 2010 - glad there is a new thread!
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