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Hi, i'm new here!

I'm in English Lit and (supposed to be) working on Shakespeare.

29 weeks pregnant with #2, teaching and hoping to do all my research in the next 2 months so I don't have to go to libraries with a newborn.

I can write with a newborn, I'm fairly sure.
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I passed! Minor corrections to do in the next couple of weeks, and then I am all done.

It feels a little anticlimactic (submitting the thing was a far bigger deal) but still very good.

Best of luck to everyone this year!
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congrats, ~pi!

I have made no progress and done nothing recently... I'm interviewing babysitters to see if I can get something done this semester. We're going to pay out the nose for childcare to get this degree done... sigh!
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Congrats, ~pi!

I've been stalled since a little before my son was born (he'll be 7 weeks on Monday). I planned on giving myself a little time, but haven't been able to gather the motivation to start up again.
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Congrats, pi! What a relief!

I have been in my DDC board for the last few weeks, so I am a bit behind in this thread. My defense date is now a week from Monday--April 5th at 10:00 AM--so please send positive vibes. I don't know why I am so nervous, as my advisor said to me Friday, "Just think, you'll be 'Dr.' in a little over a week." I guess I just can't believe any of this will actually happen until I cross that stage at graduation, though having the defense done will be a day of celebration. Since I'm pregnant, however, the drunken celebrating into early morning that I once envisioned is no longer a reality!

I am happy about all the changes coming, but I can't even seem to find work from home--even teaching crappy online classes at for-profit entities--so if anyone has any tips, please send them my way! I don't mind staying home this coming school year to take care of the baby, who is due 10/1 now, but I also need to help supplement our income if I can.
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~pi congratulations!!!!

SouthernBette - good luck! Of course you'll pass - they never let you defend unless you're ready. fingers crossed for a smooth day

I need to set a date. - eep and seriously need to write. Meeting with the boss tuesday so hopefully that'll give me more motivation. It's just so hard to get focused when DS is around.
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Marinak: First of all, thank you for the positive comments. Second, I don't know if you've been to the message board PhinisheD, but it is a great place to meet other doctoral students who are writing a dissertation. There are wonderful tips there and a huge community of people working to just finish that Ph.D. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to write and research with a little one around, but I wish you all the luck in the world.
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Just an update: I passed my defense yesterday! Woohoo!

Now, I feel like I don't know what to do with myself for a few days. I'm off to a conference in New Orleans on Thursday, but the world just seems so much lighter now.
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yay southern bette!
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Thanks, Carita. I feel like I can really start to enjoy my pregnancy now!
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Congratulations SouthernBette!
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Originally Posted by SouthernBette View Post
Just an update: I passed my defense yesterday! Woohoo!
Woohoo indeed! Congrats.
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SouthernBette - congratulations!!!!
I'm setting the date now - probably June 9th. eep... so much to do still, but at least I appear to have a really exciting job lined up.
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Trying to get organized to submit the paperwork for comps... progress soooooo slow with 2 kids .
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Congrats, SouthernBette!! :
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not much for updates here - trying to get drafts of ch 1-4 to my advisor and work on Ch 5 (out of 6 chapters). I've been fighting an allergic reaction to my dissertation (anyone read this week's phdcomic? LOL)... seriously though, allergies totally kicked my butt and I'm averging a tissue box/week or more. I can barely breathe. But I wokr up feeling decent today so I begged DH to watch my son until my mom could pick hm up, and I ran to the coffee shop and put in 4 power hours. Feels great! Now I am back home because I had to use the internet.

My goal - to get this 1-4 chapters to my advisor in decent condition along with a ch 5 that is well explained in background and approach, maybe sans results. Then for June/July, I can just do results for 5 and conclusion, then July/Aug spend in revisions, then give it to my committee in Aug. Wish me luck!
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Wow, so happy to find this thread!

I am working on my dissertation and plan to defend in the fall--it's awesome to see other mamas in the same space.

Congratulations, SouthernBette! [I love Phinished.]
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set the date!

June 3rd. eep... Now writing, writing, writing... The hard part is - I already have work to do for my new job (which I love, but it takes up time...)
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WOOOT! That is awesome, Marinak!
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