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I had a talk with my daughter Alyssa and it was about this weekend.She is going to be with her bilogical father this weekend,my ex boyfriend Randy has joint custody and he is my daughter's bilogical father.I told her he is going to pick her up Friday night at 6:00 PM.I did tell her she is lucky to have a father cares about her and taking full responsibility.My ex does pay child support,$300.00 a month and it comes in on time.She is proud of her father for this,quit doing drugs 5 years ago mainly and he has been clean ever since.My ex does have joint custody and gets her every other weekend.We went to court about this 4 years ago and has worked out ever since.My ex never forgets her even her birthday which which is on the 27th and she will be 13.My ex and I broke up when she was was 3 years,argued a lot with police called out and I told her this 2 years ago.