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Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree View Post
Older kids here - we like Scrabble, Settlers of Catan, Carcassone, Mousetrap, Apples to Apples. For Settlers and Carcassone, we tend to use cooperative strategies rather than competitive - to be honest, I can't recall if this is part of the original rules or our variation! The kids like Life, but I don't.

Set is a favourite card game. They also like poker, euchre and cribbage. For some reason, crib is just not my game, so I rarely play it.
my husband just bought us Settlers of Catan for christmas and we are OBSESSED with it!!! Great game, I had never heard of it before

My kids are still too young for most games, but we enjoy:

Apples to Apples
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We love Wildcraft! and it's cooperative, so that's fun for us. We love sharing our herb cards to heal each other's aches and pains

We also play Hero Quest, which is kind of like Dungeons and Dragons and is also cooperative for the players who are characters in the game, but it also involves fighting orcs and crap so it's probably too violent for most MDC mamas

Apples to Apples is great too!
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Originally Posted by Lovin' It View Post
Recently I refitted Guess Who? with pictures of family members and we love it! The conversations about familial relationships and geography have been awesome. A lot of our family live 2 states away, this game is another attempt to bring them closer.
I love this idea. I'll keep it in mind.

We're kind of off board games. Every time we played, dd1 would have a meltdown, if she wasn't winning, and ds2 would just ram pieces around. It might be time to try again...maybe.
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Great thread!

I just checked out Wildcraft and ooooooooh I want!
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we just starting playing SEQUENCE and we also like CLUE and SCRABBLE...
oh, and RUMMOLI

not 'board' games, but other games we love:

Guesstures (got this for Christmas and we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!)
and cards -- Euchre, Go Fish
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We have a tradition of getting new family games each Christmas, so this year's family game was Ticket to Ride. And we love it! Can't wait until my kids are old enough for Settlers of Catan....

We own a ton of games already listed here, so I thought I'd mention some of our faves that perhaps haven't already been mentioned:

For younger kiddos:
1. Haba's Grab Bag (the wooden pieces feel soooo wonderful, great game for sensory input!)
2. Selecta's Wuerfelzwerge (Dwarves and Dice in English)
3. Haba's Welt der Abenteuer (World of Adventure -- like Haba's Orchard game, this one is huge and beautiful with heirloom-quality pieces)
4. Haba's Prinzessin Edelstein (not sure of the English name? game comes in a jewelry-box-shaped container)
5. Haba's Akaba (kids get to blow around flying carpets, quite fun!)
6. A version of Tiddlywinks using frogs instead, comes in a red bucket, can't think of the name
7. Operation -- an old classic that never fails to amuse

For older kiddos:
1. and 2. Scene It Harry Potter and Scene It Star Trek both get a lot of play in our house
3. Game of the States, the original version, not the new one -- a geography game
4. Fluxx (we have the Monty Python version, it's hilarious!) -- card game, not board game

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Our favourite board games are Apples to Apples, Ticket to Ride, and Cranium. Games we've personalized are Clue where we made the characters family members, and locations rooms of the house (morbid, I know) and Monopoly where the hotels are random things to make a location, like a barbie shoe to represent the Beta Shoe Museum in Toronto.
I highly recomment Ticket to Ride!
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Originally Posted by MtBikeLover View Post
I loved this game as a child!

I think you can buy it here if this is the same game. I can't remember what the packaging looks like it since its been decades since I've played but it sounds the same:
Awesome! That's the game with an updated look! It really is an awesome game!
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Thanks for posting this thread, OP. I'd never heard of Ticket to Ride, but I think I'm going to buy it. It looks cool. I like that there are different maps available, too.
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Are you smarter than a 5th grader (Omg some of those questions are hard! wow.) But it is super fun & very educational.

The kids loveeeeee monopoly, but I just cannot sit for 3 hours playing it :X

They also have a card game called Big Fish, Little fish & we all enjoy that its really cool, kind of hard to catch on to, I cant explain it....

The boys like Battleship a lot.

Sometimes we play by the rules, but we change them up fairly often, for a little change

Kids are 14, 11 & 9.
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Wow there are some great board game ideas on this thread! taking notes....

Our main favourite is Monopoly, but it does bring out DS's inner property mogul & he beats us all every time.... don't know how he does that....

We also like Cluedo (Clue?? in the US), chess, & scrabble. DS loves connect four as well.

Pretty boring, I think we need more board games at our house!
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