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"vaccine friendly" family doctor

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Hello all,
I am trying to find a doctor near the Virginia Beach area that is "vaccine friendly". I opted not to vaccinate and have dealt with a lot of doctors that didn't treat me so kindly because of this. I live on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, but I would be willing to travel a bit to find a good family doctor. I would feel a lot more at peace if my children had a primary physician I could call if they are really sick or just in need of a checkup. My dd is 11 years old and my ds is 9 years old. Thanks in advance!
Take care,
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Well, I'm in Va Beach and have a ped that I really love, however, I've only just come to learn about the dangers of vaccines. I'm getting ready to take my DS in for his four year check up and will be refusing his scheduled vaccines for the first time. If it happens to go well (which I think it might, because our dr is very relaxed and actually hasn't recommended any of the "suggested" shots like hepatitis and flu), I'll let you know! I'm most nervous about what will happen when I have my new baby in June and refuse vaccines then. I'm hoping they won't give me too hard of a time. If anyone else knows of another dr, I'd like to know too.
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Hello...I live in Virginia Beach,VA and I was wondering how did your search go with locating a doctor that is vaccine freindly.I have contacted many doctor's and websites but have been unable to find a doctor that respects my decision to not vaccinate my children.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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