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WWYD if you were having menstrual-like ab & back cramps...UPDATE #13

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...for the las hour or so?
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Have you tried laying down, drinking some water, taking a bath? If you are doing stuff and they aren't getting better...are the timeable or just a general crampiness?
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I'd take a bath with epsom salt, drink a lot of water and a glass of wine, and try to ignore it until/unless I couldn't ignore it any more!
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Yeah, either rest or definitely the bath. Warm water is known to actually slow contractions during labor (why they don't want you to get in too early). If they get super intense or regular, I'd be calling my care provider and asking what the next step is.

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I called my CNM. She said to lay down, drink 2 big glasses of water, eat dinner, have dh wait on me, and if they don't go away in an hour to go get checked out at the birthing center a the hospital, since I'm only 34 weeks.
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I just went through this Monday night.

I ate, drank as much water as I could, took a loooong hot shower and then laid back down.
They didn't immediately go away, but doing all of that did help slow them down.
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All of the above. Beer worked for me one night, although contrax returned the following morning. Ina May used to 'prescribe' vodka for preterm labor.

Thinking good thoughts for you!
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Rest, rest, rest, water, water, water... praying that little munchkin holds tight!!
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I would see if they were regular at all and make a mental note of it. Then I would go and take a super long nap.
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Any better today?
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Sorry-DDC crash

I've had three days of 5 hours each prodromal labor. I know they just aren't quite right. Don't get any harder and are impossible to time. Hope all is well with you!
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When this started for me last week, I told my midwife. I have a history of prodromal labor, so I try to rest when I can, try to encourage them to get going when I'm frustrated. I have been contracting since last Thursday night. Most of the time they are medium in intensity and about a minute long, 5 minutes apart. I have had little cervical change so far. It was 12 days of this with Gideon, so I'm hoping that ti will be less than that with this little dude.

Good luck!
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Well here's what happened...

The menstrual-like ab and back cramps (started at 5:30) didn't go away an hour after drinking water, eating dinner, and laying down. So, like my CNM said, at 8:30 pm I went to the birthing center to get checked out. Sure enough, I was having regular contractions, but just minor. Then they got stronger and closer together. I know I have nothing else to compare it to, but I couldn't talk during them and did all that I could to keep breathing and un-tense my body. (cause that's what it was doing when one came) I was a kinda scared. They did a bunch of tests to rule out causes of pre-term contractions. The only thing was that I was a little dehydrated. They put in the IV. Ctx still didn't calm down so they gave me some pills to make them stop. Cervix had not dilated. A few more of those pills and 2 IV bags later, they finally slowed way down. They admitted me and we stayed the night, and got back home around 1:00 this afternoon. I'm on a sort of modified bed rest, until 35 weeks. At that point if I start contracting and go in to labor they will not try to stop it.
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Wow! My EDD is just three days after yours and so to think of being in labor at this point is kind of scary (exciting? sure! but not what is planned!).

I'll be praying for the very best outcome for you and your baby (whether that's letting things happen at 35 weeks or having your wee babe hang out for a while more!)! Enjoy your resting time
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judybean: I know! I felt incredibly caught off guard. I'm doing hypnobabies and during contractions I was thinking, "I am so not ready! I don't even have my hypnobabies tracks here. This is too early!" I did go through a crazy nesting phase 2 days before and set up all the baby stuff. So I'm ready enough...but not mentally.
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Wow this sounds scary!!! I am glad the contractions finally subsided and that you are taking it easy now......I am 34 weeks too and to think that they think 35 weeks is ok to let it go then makes it sound too close to me.....I can't believe we are that close....I hope your little one stays put for a few more weeks though......
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Wow, scary! I'm due two days before you, so thinking of going into labor now really freaks me out!

I'm glad that you were able to slow things down, and I'm praying for that baby to stay put for a while for ya!

Isn't it interesting that just last week, on busymama77's post about back pain, you were telling me what you imagined labor back-pains to feel like? Not that I'm glad you got to experience it already, but I just thought that was an odd coincidence!
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Just take good care of yourself

And set hypnobabies to high speed. All the best to you.
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Glad you're home, Guava. Hope your baby stays put another few weeks! Take care of yourself.
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rikki jean: I know, that is interesting. The menstrual cramp feeling was only in the beginning, but it was my warning sign that something more might be on its way!
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