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Question for the Bloggers

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I really enjoy reading the Waldorf-inspired, nature-inspired, Unschooling-inspired blogs but I always end up wondering how everyone has time to write blog posts daily or almost daily.

Do you set aside a certain time of day?

I notice that a lot of posts are written in the morning & it makes me feel like such a slacker because as we're just starting our day, some of you already have posts written about your day! Granted, some of you aren't in the US, but some of you are on the west coast & we're on the east coast!

Screen time:
I'm so torn on this. Part of me wants to throw my laptop out of the window because I think of all of the things I could be doing when I'm reading/posting - and it's so hard not to get sucked in to reading about the inspiring things everyone else is doing. But there's the inspiration... I get a lot of ideas, especially from the crafty bloggers. There's also the reaffirming feeling that "hey, maybe I'm not doing so bad after all" as far as what our homeschooling days look like. It's mostly cooking, cleaning, crafting, reading & some outings - which is what I see a lot of. I sometimes get a little slack from family about not doing actual school work, so it's important for me to see that it works for others too.

The other part of the screen time thing is that I don't feel so comfortable with my littles watching me have screen time on a (almost) daily basis. It feel like I'm not practicing what I preach.

I think "being in the now" is soooo important and I don't know how to be at peace with both reading & writing blogs (or other computer screen time.)

How does everyone do it? Thoughts on this?
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I do almost all of my blogging in the evening. I also try to do a bunch of posts at once, and then set them to post at later dates. Right now I have some posts scheduled as far out as June! These are mostly lists of things that I like or recommend, and the occasional book review. That frees up time for me to do "what we did today" posts when interesting things occur.
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I think most of my posting happens when the kiddos are asleep. Like the PP, I can set my posts to publish at a certain time. I haven't been blogging much lately, but when I used to blog daily, I would scratch notes on paper throughout the day, and take photos, so by the end of the day I had a good idea about what I wanted to write.
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Ahhhh, good ideas.

I take pictures throughout the day and then it feels like it takes so long to upload the pictures to the computer & then upload them on the blog - let alone actually write about the day.
I guess I don't need to really be present to upload the pictures to the computer, I can plug in & go about whatever we're doing.

I know I'll love being able to look back & see what we were doing, the photos & everything - and it'll probably get faster & easier as time goes on.
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screen time is a big thing. right now, i'm doing WAY too much and WAY more than i'm used to just because we have so many loose ends to tie off before going to NZ and so much of it requires screen time! so many emails, so many skypes, so amny forms and orders to make, and on and on.

i have to admit, though, that hte different groups we've worked with--ordering SO last minute--have had great customer service! so, a little shout out to Antsy Pants and A Toy Garden.

but, yeah, it's totally crazy.

hawk (and I) totally look forward to moving to NZ and getting a regular schedule with FAR less screen time.

though i think my mom will want to skype every day! LOL
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I do all of my screen time when children are in "rest time" or in bed. I feel that limiting my screen time is in line with their TV-free childhood. Also, they inevitably want to use the computer if they see me using it, so I just don't get much done with the destractions.

Even in the evenings, I've learned I need to limit my screen time. I ask myself if I'd rather be reading, sewing, showering, etc rather than reading blogs. Oftentimes when I take the time to consider it, I choose to do something else.
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It all happens near midnight I create the post at night and actually post it in the morning or just do it that night. And it's not always "what I did today". My day to day isn't all that interesting, nobody's is. It's more my thoughts, ideas, crafts we did that week, plans, things that inspire me from my little boy. I agree that screen time can suck the life out of you... but like you said there is this community with fabulous ideas and resources that DO help our days hum. So for me, I just TRY to strike the balance between an hour or so at night or in the morning (my little guy is a LATE sleeper) and staying away days and weekends.
I hope you find your way!
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Almost all of my blogging and writing is done during naptime or after bedtime in the evenings. Sometimes if I wake up earlier than the girls I will do computer stuff then too. I do not blog daily - every few days or so.
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