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Top load washing Machine without agitator

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I am thinking about buying a top load washing machine without the agitator, would love any feedback.

I've hated my front load machine and now that it broke, I can replace it! I just got back from the appliance stores and most of the sales persons encourage the front load.
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I'm looking at that one too! Would also like to hear from people who have it already.
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for me? i find the top load machine more helpful than the other.
here are some informations about the top load machines
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We got the Whirlpool cabrio and absolutely love it.... I really enjoy not having the agitator as I can now was the comforters without the load getting distributed unevenly
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We have one, it's GE, but I forget the model. Anyway, I love it. There are 1 or 2 things, I would change, but overall, I'm really happy with it. I'm picky about laundry, too, and this machine does not let me down.
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My neighbor has a top load without the agitator, she is not happy with it.. Sorry I don't know the brand but one thing that bothers her is her clothes get all knotted up because of no agitator.. This happens when she washes jeans. I think that it has damaged some items of clothing. hth...
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Do NOT get the Kenmore Oasis. I bought the set and it had relatively good reviews at the time. It leaves clothes in knots often and has put holes in most of my clothes!
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Hi! we are looking  at these and the one thing that I have been hearing is that you cant fill the "tub" all the way up as it only fills to less than half way. How can you wash a comforter? Bcuz in my front loader we cant have a pedestal, so it kills my back, but it can wash my comforter. 

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We're in the market too - I'm interested to hear more reviews

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my whirlpool cabrio (top loader) can was a comforter ...it has a special setting for it

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We have one right now and the thing has ruined more clothes in 2 months than I can count.  The clothes get twisted and then get holes.  Also the machine does not do a good job of actually cleaning the clothes.  Mine takes 10-15 mins to fill with water for each cycle, so a complete load takes over an hour.  This is a horrible designed washer and I can not wait to move to get either at traditional machine or front loader.

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we just bought an LG (model #5070) top load set with no agitator.  i love the set.  totally recommend it!

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We researched this a bunch about a year ago when we bought our machines.  I wanted a top-loader sans agitator, but several sales people talked me out of it, saying (confirmed by lots of reviews online of various models) that the clothes tended to twist together and warp or even rip seams.


We ended up with an LG front-loader, and we really like it, except for one thing - it recently blew the thermal fuse (issue was with the vent, not the dryer), and it was really difficult to get repaired.  Unless you're incredibly mechanical and handy, you can't do even simple repairs yourself.  Just to get to the fuse you have to remove the entire top and front panels.  I had to call three or four different repair companies to find someone who does LGs; they are so different that most places don't service them.


To do all over again, I would probably go with a different brand like Whirlpool or Kenmore or Maytag.

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I bought a Maytag top loader HE machine about 1.5 years ago.  At the time, it had decent reviews.  Anyway, less than 2 years later it is broken (won't spin unless you manually select the spin cycle after the wash cycle has completed).  It never really got stuff clean, either.  I'm planning to cloth diaper the new baby, and plan to just get a Kenmore top loader that is not high efficiency, as I know it will get the diapers clean....

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We have an LG top load with no agitator and love it.  It will fill up based on how big the load is. I have seen the water near the top of it.  We haven't had any clothes wrecked from it.  And it plays a tune when it's done.lol

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Hi what model do you have.  I ordered the Whirlpool Cabrio and now I am having second thoughts.  Thanks. Karen

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Originally Posted by Karen 6704 View Post

Hi what model do you have.  I ordered the Whirlpool Cabrio and now I am having second thoughts.  Thanks. Karen

My mom has this machine. It does a awesome job getting things clean but there is one thing I hate about the machine. It does not actually soak. If you don't wash cloth dipes its not that big of a deal. It's soak setting basically just gets things soaked but not holding them submerged in water. The washer can be fooled into retaining washer if left in the soak setting, opening the door and then pouring buckets of water in to cover the diapers. But the machine then out smarts me and drains if the door is left open too long or any buttons are hit by a bucket while pouring water. So it is a real pain to get a load of diapers done in this machine. I have basically given up on soaking diapes in the machine and do a quick wash cycle first in leu of soaking. I have not done enough loads with the quick wash before washing to have two cents about if it gets the dipes clean but have not noticed any build up or stinkies yet.

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We bought a top loader washer with no agitator.  It is worthless.  Clothes that go in looking clean come out looking clean.  Clothes that go in dirty come out looking dirty.  Clothes that go in smelling bad come out smelling bad.  I complained to Lowe's and they gave me the run around until the warrenty expired.  Now I have to deal with the factory.  No luck so far getting a refund.  

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Get a top loader WITH agitator, NOT high-efficiency. This is the only kind that actually washes your clothes well. You will save on water, electricity, detergent, and energy because you will only have to wash clothes once and they will be clean. And it's the fastest too.


 I used to have an awesome, old fashioned top loader with agitator. It washed clothes in 26-32 min (depending on cycle), and they came out very clean, almost brand new. Even if I put in grassy, muddy kid's clothes with dirt on them. Then after 20+ years, it finally broke. The salesman convinced me to get a HE top loader w/o agitator. Clothes were wrinkled, twisted, and worst of all, still dirty,  when I took em out. I returned it in a week and bought a new top loader with agitator. Much better.

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Yes, I agree with you.  In June, we bought a Sears Kenmore top loading elite washing machine that does not have an agitator.  I have to put it on extra rinse, soak, etc to get clothes clean and it takes over an hour.  If clothes are muddy, I am using tons of spray and wash.  

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