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I bought a Maytag top loader HE machine about 1.5 years ago.  At the time, it had decent reviews.  Anyway, less than 2 years later it is broken (won't spin unless you manually select the spin cycle after the wash cycle has completed).  It never really got stuff clean, either.  I'm planning to cloth diaper the new baby, and plan to just get a Kenmore top loader that is not high efficiency, as I know it will get the diapers clean....

We may have bought the same machine at the same time! And my experience has been the same as yours. Since I have been cloth diapering for the past 2 years it quickly became apparent that the machine wasn't doing a good job, and I have to manually add MORE water to my diaper loads to make sure they get cleaned. I haven't noticed holes in my clothes, thankfully. If/when I get another machine I want one that's as simple as possible (non-digital) and may even snag a non-HE if they are still being made...if not I may look for one used. I was all excited about HE and saving energy/water but I am just not convinced they get the clothes really clean, and I don't want to spend money on silly repairs like to the digital display. I see these going the same way as cars where DIY maintenance is harder and harder.
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Hi - I just joined to warn everybody about that awful Kenmore Top Loading, No Agitator Washing Machine.  I've had it for many months and it is almost useless.  Other friends who have Maytags and LG's without the agitator are happy with their machines but this washer is just horrible.   Does not clean clothes!   The matching dryer is just as badly engineered - the lint trap is upside down, so the lint naturally falls on the floor or back into the lines.


I don't have kids - just litters of puppies, and we need clean clothes and clean sheets!  It was no surprise to learn that others have had the same experience.


Horrible experience - can't wait for it to break!

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I have the Maytag top loader HG without the agitator and I have to say I'm happy with it. Had it since February. I have found that i have to select the right temp, soil level, and type of load to make things as clean as they need to be. I have washed very dirty towels and rags in it, area rugs, kids clothes, my nasty nursing scrubs and shoes, and other things. All come out clean and fresh. I was sad that our 14 year old washer finally died beyond repair. It used way too much water, especially when I was cloth diapering, but it did a good job. With this new one I have only had to use the extra rinse cycle a few times on way dirty towels. We see a difference in the water bill.

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Yes!  My friends with the Maytag toploader with out agitators are very happy with them!


I'm going to write to Kenmore to ask if there is a way to increase their "low efficiency" washers... simply cannot have a litter of pups with this one!

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We had a toploader without the agitator. I forget the name, it was made by Whirlpool and distributed by Kenmore. Beautiful ads on TV etc. We got it and it started to eat our clothes. It ate a 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheet and often left things twisted together and ripped. It broke and I was on first name basis with the repair man. We finally had enough of it, and Sears said we "didnt' have enough service calls to enact the lemon law" and I went insane on the phone. We traded it for a really nice high efficiency  Kenmore front loader, and.... after we had it replaced after the Motherboard broke the second week we had it, (never buying Kenmore again, they aren't what they used to be) But, I've loved it ever since. You can JAM a lot of clothes into it (good for when the stairs are a challenge for you and you need to go up and down two flights just to do laundry) and they get clean with less water than top loaders.It has a lot of cycles, you can do great bleach loads (fairly good sized family generate a lot of dirty towels) with everything set up ahead of time. I'd never go back to a top loader. Not to mention that I'm so short that I was always balancing on my belly to get things out of them. Fun while pregnant!


When we were going through the hell with our agitator-less top loader a woman on the Sears help line directed me to a website (in a whisper) that showed how the manufacture of the machine we had was being sued all over the place. People were having the same issues we were having. I still have gear marks on my Egyptian Cotton Sheets (it never came out) and I'm not happy that I actually had to throw away some badly torn clothes. But, I really like our front loader. We're buying an other one when this one finally dies.


My next dream is a first floor laundry room. Not sure how we'll do that in a 100 year old house, but maybe if I keep talking about it.

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I just Googled it. The one we had was the Whirlpool Calypso. One of the most problematic agitator-less top loaders known and one of the first. I forgot about the funky smell, after only a few uses. It was a nightmare. I'm glad we were able to get the thing replaced. Maybe the newer top loaders without agitators are better, but the Calypso was awful and really expensive!


I'll never go back to a top loader after having our front loader. It's easier for shorter people to use as well.

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