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Amber Teeth Necklace

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*Please ignore the fact that it is suppose to say teething as opposed to teeth!*

I just got my Amber teething necklace in the mail for ds and he is wearing it now but I am wondering if maybe it should be longer? It is 12" long and I have a fairly chubby little one. It is about 2 finger width's away from his neck. Does that sound right? or should I order the next length up? Obviously I will keep an eye on it as he grows but I just want to make sure it is ok for now.

Added pic.. I pulled it down with my finger... It mostly stays right up under his rolls

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I had no idea that people even put them on babies!
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I get nervous with it around Lyra's neck. It always creeps into her neck folds too. Even though I bought the 'safety clasp' one that will undo if pulled on.

Now i double it up and she wears it on her ankle instead. It doesn't need to be near the teeth, just touching the skin. maybe try that?

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Both my DS's have worn amber necklaces since they were about 3 months old. I've got nothing to compare it too, but I hardly even noticed DS1 teething. I have never worried about it choking him. My sister has broken two by pulling on them, so they will break if any serious stress is put on them.

FYI, I wear amber for back pain and LOVE it!!! My dad sells them at his dental office for dental pain. I seriously think amber is a miracle! I've got a coupon code for 15% off necklaces at the site I buy them from. If anyone wants it, PM me.
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