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Originally Posted by Alenushka View Post

Kidsville is great. I do not bring my kids so I stay the hell away from it except when I visit my friends. It is a very different experience if you bring kids. Not better or worse just different

i do not think that kidsville is great and would not recommend camping with them.


the best places that i found with kids was small random local neighbors or friends that happened to have kids too.

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Not going to Playa (just not doable for us with a one year old and a four year old), but we are planning on going to a regional burn this summer. Definitely looking forward!

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i've found regionals to be pretty awesome and much more kid friendly (unless you count the one in SLC that didn't allow them). have a great time!


i took my kids every year from birth until my oldest was five but we had a pretty unique situation out there (and lived really close by) so it was definitely easier.



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We can agree to disagree. My friends love it and seem very happy

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we're looking forward to the regional (CT) burning man this year

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Originally Posted by Laur318 View Post

we're looking forward to the regional (CT) burning man this year

Too bad we're not going to the same one. Any other MDC mamas going to the one in Michigan?

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I've been to BM several times as a volunteer paramedic.  When I got pregnant, I figured I'd put the burn on hold while dd is small.  I don't think I'd bring a child under five.  Like other folks have said, it's hard to manage your own hydration, exhaustion and sensory stimulation, nevermind doing the same for your child too.  One of the biggest concerns I have would be the sand storms.  Those are harsh! 

I think it's about the personalities of the children too.  My dd is very sensitive and easily-overwhelmed, so I doubt I'd bring her anytime soon.  However, when I was a child, I would've loved it! 

Burning Man is a life-altering experience, and I can't wait to go again. 

My plan is to wait until the children are old enough to stay with auntie for the week and then I'm heading straight back! 

I love being a paramedic at the Burn ... crazy calls and awesome vibes! 

Oh, and I would suggest that if you're at all tentative, try it sober!  I was sober the whole time, and it was mind-altering enough without the added juju of drugs or alcohol. 

And when they tell you to secure your tent with re-bar, they are saying so for very good reasons.  Your structure will blow away if it's not secured! 

And bring enough potable water!  And protein-rich foods!  And warm clothes for night time!  And a bike!  And wings!  And frilly underwear!  And things that light up!


Oh, and as for nudity ... tonnes of it.  Fabulous bodies everywhere!  Painted, costumed, nudie-nude, dancing bodies off all types.  I went with my mom one year and one of my favourite pictures is of her and her pendulous boobs all painted with glitter. 

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Haven't been, but would love to go. My kiddos have experienced lots of nudity at festivals/beaches in other countries and really didn't seem to care/notice much at all (teen/tween ages). The only real comment they ever made on it was when after spending 3 or 4 days at a public beach where pretty much everyone from infant up to 6/7 was nude then older than that bottoms only no matter the sex, my then 10 yo said, "Hmm, swimsuits must be different here in Romania. I think they only sell bottoms." This was probably colored by the fact that I had bought a suit there and I was wearing only bottoms as well LOL


Personally when thinking about going, I'd not take younger kiddos and have not gone so far as I hesitate at what is the 'right' age for mine to go....and now I have a brand new one on the way, so on hold again for at least 2-3 years for nursing as I'd not take an infant/toddler.

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Originally Posted by Alenushka View Post

We can agree to disagree. My friends love it and seem very happy

i didn't think we were disagreeing?



eta- i just re-read. i think we're disagreeing about kidsville?


two experiences that i had with kidsville really influenced the way that i look at it. the first was a couple having sex in their tent with an open door while their children played outside and being unwilling to change their behaviour when asked. this exposed not only their children but any other children in the vicinity to explicit sexual acts. this is considered child abuse.


the second was the time i followed a small child (maybe three?) for about twenty minutes before someone came out of the village to look for him. according my ranger friends, when i told them about this, all of the lost child reports come from kidsville. which, sure, there's a lot of kids there, but still, accidents with art cars happen every year. it's just like any other size-able city, you should keep an eye on your kids.

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Well, I never stay there and i do not bring my kids to BM. I want time to myself so...


However, my friends described.a nice community there and no sexual incdent.


I am sure it all depends on the people  who stay there on particualr days

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Salt tablets.  I was amazed how many times they made me feel so much better. Plain water just did not do it.


Cranberry pills work great too to increase acidity and prevent UTI

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That is still good to know both sides of the kidsville story! I'm always interested in hearing anecdotal info about the Burn, especially when it comes to bringing kids! We won't be bringing Des until he is full able to communicate his needs and wants with us, so I want to absorb all the info I can about it.


There is a kidsville at our regional burn - or rather, there was one last year. The woman who ran the theme camp gave it up because SO MANY parents were treating it like a babysitting service! It is soo sad. I mean, I try not to judge other people's burns but SERIOUSLY TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOUR OWN. If you can't, don't come.

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There is another choice....if you can;t take care of you kids at BM, leave them home with grandparents, or in my case, my husband. we all had great time but in diffrent ways

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I first went to burning man when I was 16 and went twice more at 17 & 18. Now looking back on it I was way to young to go the first time but I loved it! I went with some older friends of mine who 'baby sat' me when need be;) It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget. My now ex who I was with since I was 18 never went to burning man and was very anti-burner despite going to other festivals himself. I would consider going part time with my kids even though there very young, like for a couple of nights not the whole week. I think it would be too overwhelming to have them there for more than a couple of days. I would also only go if I had the ability to have an airconditioned area for us to retreat to if need be (i don't have ac in my house but we live in a cooler climate). I do plan on taking my kids some year while there still young and then again when their older, like maybe for my daughters 18th or 19th bday take her and a few of her friends (or would that make me the bad mom that others wont' talk to?)

Of all the festies I've gone to burning man has left the biggest impact on me. It's not just about the party it's about partying in tune with the earth and leaving little impact on the earth.

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Is anyone going this year?  So that I can live vicariously through you? orngbiggrin.gif

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I wish I was going.


I really, really, really thought about it.  But, Z. is only 16 months old.  I think I'll wait til next year.  We plan on going to some of the pre-Burn stuff in San Francisco, though. 

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our regional burn is sold out completely.  I didn't get on it fast enough to know if it was something we wanted to do or not.

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I have friends who go to Burning Man, and one of my friend's moms used to go regularly, but I've never been.  I keep thinking I'll have to go one year, but I find the whole thing daunting.

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I do too.  Secretly I think I am nowhere near brave or cool enough to even risk it. It kind of scares me. But then I look at pictures and really want to go, even if it is only once. I'm hoping DH and I will be able to go in the next couple of years.  I told him I want to go before/by the time I turn 40. LOL

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It is not scary. It is amazing. I went for the last 3 years with my lover. This year my DH can go and I am very excited!

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