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Any AP parents in Halifax, NS?

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I've just moved to Halifax (Bedford) and I'm finding it very hard to meet parents who share my parenting philosophy. To be blunt, I'm tired of being told to let my LOs CIO, or of raising eyebrows for extended nursing. My little guys are 3 y-o and 3 months. Anyone want to be our friend?

Thanks for reading!
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I'll be there sometime this summer!

DH just got accepted to Dalhousie. I don't know where I'll be working (I'm a French teacher, so hopefully I'll find something!) or where we'll be living, but we're a comin'!

I'm determined to be outgoing and open minded when we get there...uprooting from all of our family and support networks will get awfully lonely without friends around...so hopefully we land in a good spot!
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P.S. where did you move from?
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I'm a very new mom, so I don't know a lot about AP--I certainly won't be offering parenting advice--but I live about a half hour outside of Halifax and I am thinking of going to the next LLL meeting at the Cobequid Centre. Have you tried there yet?

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Hi gals!!!!

I moved here from Mtl, and I'm fluent in French. I'm not a teacher, but I'm told there is a HUGE demand for qualified French teachers here. The local French school board is called Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial. Look up their website for more info. Most schools also have French Immersion and are also hard up for teachers. I hope you find a nice place; NS is gorgeous, there are some spots you'll likely want to avoid, but depending on the lifestyle you want, there are tons of great places. Let me know if you want to know more!

I've not been to the LLL meeting yet; I did make it there two weeks ago only to have the 3-y-o meltdown in the car (he thought he was going to school... and didn't want to leave the car) so we drove back home. Perhaps I'll go to the Feb. one. Meet you there perhaps?

Nice to "know" people here!
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Mamandedeux, I just mapquested directions from bedford to Halifax and it said it was 21 minutes?!?! Do you ever go into the city? Would that be a reasonable commute? In my mind, I'm thinking on a much larger scale. The fact that you can aparently get from one end of Halifax to the other in 10 minutes is mind-boggling! I was imagining it being much bigger.

Maybe our options on where to settle will be a bit larger than I imagined. Metro is mailing out a transit map so I can get a better idea of how long it would take to get from point A to point B.

My French is far from perfect. Here in Ontario I'm a Core French teacher....I'm thinking I ought to brush up in order to do immersion successfully, especially the older grades but intend to do what I need to to find employment.
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Oh, and surprisingly, I can't find any information about kindergarten out East. Do either of you ladies know if it's FT or PT and if it's PT, how the time is divided (half days? every other day?).

DS will be starting school in the Fall...would love to do montessori or something non-public, but we'll see how it goes!
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Hey all! I'm a long time displaced Ontarian too. I've been in NS for 8+ years now. I attend the Bedford/Sackville LLL (as do a few other MDC'ers like "Blue Petals" and "MamaZozo"). It's a great bunch and most are AP'ers as well as extended nursers There is also a toddler's LLL meeting a few of us attend in Dartmouth near MicMac Mall for extended nursing support.

Regarding schools, it's not called Kindergarten out here, instead it's called "Primary" so try looking it up that way. They go every day, full days from what I know. My DS will be going to a private school though starting in September so I'm not 100% certain of how the public board is run. There are a few private schools in the area but their a fairly rare commodity.

As for running into other AP'ers out and about, not that common unfortunately. I did run into a nice woman who was an avid AP'er at one of the indoor playgrounds who will be moving here from SK in a month or two. So it does happen but it's definately not a common occurance. The farmers market in the Keith's Brewery downtown is where I see the most crunchy folks and far more baby wearing (because a double stroller is not an option in that building ) than anywhere else I go but they still tend to be more mainstream like Bjorns and cuddly wraps.

Also, there is a WAHM who opened her own AP style business in Halifax a year or so ago. She runs diaper wearing and breastfeeding workshops in her store. It's called Nurtured if you want to Google it.

There are definitely jobs in the public school board for French (core and immersion) teachers, just make sure your certification is transferable (mine was not - Don't get me started!).

Hmmm not sure what else you need to know but ask away if you like. There are a few of us on MDC.
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It's looking like I should qualify for a Bridge Teacher's Certificate (basically a temporary certification that lasts for 3 yrs while you upgrade to meet NS standards). I'm going to send my application off next week hopefully (It's a lot of paper work that has to come together)....and hopefully it's not $95 wasted....I NEED to work while we're out there....mind you I do have waitressing and childcare to fall back on, but still....

I'm not sure how DS would do at a LLL meeting (he's not always on his best behaviour with other kids when my attention's diverted elsewhere), but maybe we'll try one out when we get there.

Oh, and would any of you ladies know how a vaccination exemption form works out there? Do you need one for school? If so, do you know where I could find one?
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I'm about an hour outside Halifax and I'm starting LLL meetings in Dartmouth this week! Sackvill isn't very convenient to where I live. I have a 12 year old but there's a new baby on the way too

Yes, school is called Primary. They start the year they turn 5 before December 1st? I think. It was October 1st when my son started but it's changed recently. It's full time and usually in the same building as the next several grades.
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Alicia, I think the cut-off changed to December 31st.
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Hi there,
Lots of AP extended breastfeeders around here. Cobequid group is full of them. I haven't attended in a while but it's always great!

Primary is now full day starting right in September. Registration is soon too!

Nice to meet you!
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Hey Kat,

I've seen you around on HRM Parent as well...is anyone else on that forum? (I think it's okay to speak of other forums if done so positively....
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I don't think it's very active - but those on there seem to be AP type folks.

Lots of us around, lots of other kind of parents too... It's funny, you're moving here and we are hoping to move to your area in about 18 months. My DH is at Dal now finishing his PhD.

Hey, I am going to usurp your thread for a sec... I am helping out with a car seat clinic through the IWK and there haven't been a lot of appointments booked It's Sunday if anyone is interested. I will make a new thread for it now....
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And mamandedeux,

Go to the LLL meeting on Monday - you will feel better - and you will know you are not alone! Just got my reminder - I will copy it for you!

This is your monthly meeting reminder for the Bedford/Sackville La Leche League Group.

We will meet on Monday, Feb 8th at 7 pm at Cobequid Community Health Centre room 3162 – follow sign to room on 2nd floor. Our topic for the evening will be The Art of Breastfeeding and Avoiding Difficulties but as always we encourage you to bring your own questions and concerns to be discussed.
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Kat, is the meeting likely to be canceled if it snows?
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Hi all,
We just moved here from Chicago about 6 months ago. We would describe ourselves as AP, but sadly were not successful at the extended breastfeeding . Our LO is 19 months old.
Anyone had any luck with a no-vax or selective vax friendly doc?
I am tired of spending 5 minutes of my 9 minute visit at the docs explaining why we don't vax and leaving little time to discuss the reason we are there...grrr
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If you think AP is hard to come by in the HRM, you'd feel like a total loner in Bridgewater

I moved here last summer from Ontario. I have two "extended" nurslings - a 4 year old and a 2.5 year old. I think we may venture up to Bedford for that LLL meeting! We do have wonderful LLL meetings here, but my kids often get a bit bored with being the only ones over 6 months old! Although last month there was another "extended" nursling there - whos mum said to me as soon as she saw me nursing that I musn't be from around here!
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boy, am i glad i visited "Canada" today..i'm not usually a regular on this forum. we recently moved from alberta too (well, a year ago but i had a baby soon after so i haven't been social much). it sure would be nice to meet some of you ladies IRL. what's this cobequid meeting y'all are talking about? and the LLL ones? i have 2 young dss too--3yo & 10 months--and i'm itching to meet some fellow APers.

i'm watching this thread...
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wookie - We were talking about the La Leche League meeting at the Cobequid Community Health Centre in Sackville. It meets the 2nd Monday of each month, so that's this Monday coming up (Mar 8). For more information, read the link I posted or the message Kat posted last month.
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