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I can't remember the last time...

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It was within a few months after her fourth birthday. I remember the first time, back in September, when she went all weekend without breastfeeding. The early winter months saw breastfeeding turn into DD kissing my nipples goodnight. Then, it's over. Children do wean themselves. This time last year I wouldn't have believed it to be true. I'm so happy I nursed all these years, for her and me. There was no struggle to end. I really had no idea how we were going to finish, but it was indeed one of the more natural aspects of parenting so far. I feel happy and I don't miss it, largely because she doesn't. I just wish I could remember the last time she really nursed. Not nibbled or had contact time, but really relaxed and both of us enjoying the deep eye gazing that is so fine with breastfeeding, that feeling of connection and exchange that has bonded us for so long. A mother whose DS weaned at age two told me years ago that the only downfall to children self weaning is that you never know when that last time will be. To me, it's just a reminder to continue to pay attention to it all.
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Such a sweet post. What a lucky girl she is and a what a beautiful gift you have given her.

I often wonder how we'll get from where we are now to DD weaning herself. She's just 15 months, so it's a ways off yet, but I can't imagine not having this connection with her.

Will I know when it's the last time? Will I, like you, be ok with it?

I must memorise the smell of her head. The nursing smile. The way her arm wraps around and plays with the little mole on my back. I will, I think, be amazed that it ever annoyed me.
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awwww... your post made me tear up and smile at the same time. Thanks.
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That was so sweet. Are you doing anything to celebrate? Take care
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I'm glad you enjoyed the end of our nursing story.

Memorize the shape of your child's ear. It's the detail about my dd that I know best. Perhaps to celebrate I will paint a picture of the seashell shape.

Love to you mommas and happy nursing!
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