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amt of time on kindy

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How much time per week do you think you averaged on your 5/6 kindy babe?
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my ds is in kindergarten, and he'll be 6 in late march. we spend no more than 30 minutes a day on structured school & he has every other friday off (big sister is at co-op then, so that's his fun day with daddy). he is learning all of the time of course, but i am speaking of seatwork (the 3r's). hth.
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My kiddo hits 6 mid March.... over the past year I'd say about an hour a day? He does headsprout which is avg 15mins, plus MUS which is about 20 mins, and then we do a bit of writing practice and reinforce the phonics while we do. And he likes to have a listen in while we do history odyssey reading too and must do all the crafts with big brother
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DD just turned 5. We do about 3 hours a week, as she is interested. Some weeks more.
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An hour or less.
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Wow, I'm feeling a bit out of place...

Ds is 5.5 - we just pulled him from public kindy over xmas break. We've been HSing only 3 weeks now. Anyways we school Wed-Sun and we do about 3 hours a day. Some days it's a bit longer because of a chemistry experiment or something. Ds LOVES it though and this past Mon & Tues, our days "off", he asked if we could "do school" and so we did some chemistry and math for about 2 hours.
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My daughter isn't yet official "Kindergarten" age, but she is five. She spends a total of about 10 hours a week on academic stuff -- practicing reading with me, doing math lessons with me, and using educational sites on-line (Brainpop Jr. is her favorite right now). This is all at her specific request.

I anticipate that next year, when she's officially in K, we'll spend at least 2 hours a day on formal academics. She's just that kind of kid.
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Probably 10 mins or less of typical schooly stuff depending on what she feels like. I was a bit worried about her numbers ability and it is so neat how so much is clicking just by answering her questions about it every month or so. (She could sorta count to 20 5 months ago- heard her counting without mistakes to 40 the other day)
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I spend 15-20 minutes probably 4x a week explicitly working on correct letter formation, phonemic awareness, and understanding numbers.

We do *many* things that I wouldn't count as schooly time because they are things I just do no matter what, although they are also things that would be done in school... like we make art projects, do science experiments, and talk about new ideas (e.g., value of coins; herbivore, carnivore, omnivore...) as part of our lives... that's really where I think DS1 learns the most and I have no idea how long we spend on that kind of stuff.
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My son will be 6 in March. I would say 10-15 hrs a week. However a lot of this is him. He is not satisfied with just one lesson in something. Usually we do 3 or 4 maths a day, (he already finished math 1 and is now in math 2), Science I have to stop him after usually 2 or 3, History is the same. I stop him after a few. So yeah we do A LOT in one day but he would not let me get away with less LOL

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We're doing on average two hours a day. One hour of the core subjects - reading, math, writing or spelling. Then an hour of more fun, creative stuff - history, science, logic, art . Although we also try to make the core subjects fun too!

This is working out well for us. She is not officially kindy yet either, but I think mentally she's ready.
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We do maybe 10-15 minutes a week. I think K should be for playing.

What my 5yo does do is a wide variety of activities to see what she likes and get her active: dance, skating, art, music, playgroup etc.

I don't plan to start scheduled sit-down work with her until she is older, not sure what age that will be. My ds was 7 when we started formal sit-down work and I started with 2nd grade materials and he is now working 2 grades "ahead" so no problems with playing playing playing all day until then.
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"Official" schoolwork takes us on average around a half hour. Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes it's 15 minutes.. it depends on what he wants to do.

I like to think of ourselves as unschoolers, but we got a Wii and the boys were unable to self-regulate. So I came up with the rule that they have to do two 'lessons' before they can play Wii. That can be reading a book, doing science experiments, working in his Singapore workbooks, cooking with me, building things with Snapcircuits, doing some Scholastic Top Secret Adventures or whatever it's called (social studies), reading a few pages from the Usborne Encyclopedia of World History, whatever. He gets to choose what he does for his two lessons, though if it's been a while since we did a certain activity, I'll coax a little. He always has final say, though.

But then he'll do lots of other activities that I consider educational.. games, building, drawing, writing stories, etc, etc, etc.

Colwyn is 6 but with an October birthday, he'd be in Kindergarten this year.
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Ds is not yet 5-1/2 and in kindy. He goes to school two days a week from 8:30 to 1:30 twice a week, and he has a fun, hands-on science class once a week. On homeschool days we do about two hours a day, stretched out over the whole morning. It sounds like a lot, but the school allots a TON of time for play (the whole socialization thing), and our homeschool mornings are scheduled in such a way that are taking lots of breaks, playing, having snacks, listening to music, etc.

And then there are all the questions he has , activities we go to, projects he plans, books that he wants to read... well, that takes ALL. DAY. LONG.
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At 5? Probably about 20 minutes a day reading together, math every other day, science/nature a couple times a week. Weekly trips to the library and the park.
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45 min. to an hour. And we're doing a K/1 combo. But that doesn't include reading in the afternoons (for fun) or crafts and things like that. Oh, and that's not every day either - about 3-4 days a week.
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We are also doing a K/1 combowith my dd who turned 6 in October. DD does 45 mins to 2 hours on the average. I also count her music class and baking with Grandma once a week. It all depends on what we have going on that day.

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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post
At 5? Probably about 20 minutes a day reading together, math every other day, science/nature a couple times a week. Weekly trips to the library and the park.
This is about our timeframe for my 5.5 yo Kindergartner... she does spend other time doing language learning on the computer or starfall.com, but it's all optional.

Funnily enough, even without doing much concentrated reading work with her, her reading level is identical to her sister's (who is in first grade.) She learned by osmosis, apparently! I love it.
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