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S is for.... sitting up!

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Rowan sat independently today!
I was a total helicopter mom with my hands inches away from her the whole time, but she was sitting! She was propped on her hands and shifting her weight back and forth, for probably 30 seconds at one point. And she insisted on doing it over and over and over for about half an hour. This seems crazy to me, since DS didn't do this until 5 months!

On a less-fun note, she also has her first tummy bug. She's got these runny pea-green poops, at least every hour. I'm just really encouraging her to nurse and hoping it doesn't get worse. Poor little thing
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Bravo Rowan!!!

Re:bug - do you take probiotics? It helps, you can give her baby-dophilus (or Udo's Choice probiotic for babies), but if you did not give her anything except breastmilk, than it's good to up the probiotic intake for mom.

Take care and fast healing!
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Wow, go Rowan!!!

I don't remember when Ian sat independently, I'll have to look it up. Connor was delayed in all of his milestones, he was probably 7-8 months before he sat. Gavin is "crunching" when I prop him up, so he's working those abs getting ready for sitting. He holds himself up well in his exersaucer (I have to stuff a blanket around him just because he's so small, but he supports himself well)

And about the poop...could it be a foremilk imbalance causing it??
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The probiotics are a good idea... I'll pick some up tomorrow. Thanks

Rowan started with the crunches too (go Gavin go!), then last night she was constantly pulling herself upright in her bouncy seat, she just refused to lie back. So I popped her on thefloor, and voila, sitting! She hasn't wanted to do it much today, not sure if it's the bug or if she just needed to get the urge to sit out of her system

2boyz, I wondered about that, because they look just like those poops (I struggled with an imbalance with DS). But I was careful to block feed her as usual yesterday, and they're still very green and quite frequent, I.E. she's had six today. Normal for Row is one very thick yellow-orange bm a day (I swear, it's usually just like Cheese Whiz, eeeeew I know! lol) Poor lil girl. She's not napping anymore either, just ten minutes every five hours. She's all out of whack
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My Rowan (boy) does this kinda squished in half sitting up by himself - I don't know how that's comfortable! :-) If he's supported by the boppy, or recently just a rolled up blanket, he can sit up more upright. It's just creepy to see him over on the floor, Sitting (kinda), playing by himself.... changes are happening too fast!!!

No rolling over yet though. I think he's getting close, back to front. Not so much tummy to back - that arm keeps getting in the way :-)
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