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Organic CSAs on Oahu

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I'm trying to eat healthier and fresher on a budget here in Hawaii. And I'd really like it to be organic. Living here on Oahu, it seems almost impossible... so I decided to try and join CSA! They're local, organic and fresh picked here on the island, right?

And hopefully, it won't break my budget. I would like to be able to feed my family of 4 a good amount of fresh greens for around $20 a week. Reasonable, right?

Has anyone tried any CSAs on Oahu? Please add comments about which ones are best! I'd really like to know which one you like and why?

By the way, anyone know what CSA stands for? I keep trying to figure it out. I guess I'll just google it.
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Community Supported Agriculture! Found that one...
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That's the only thing I found: it's called Just Add Water --> http://www.just-add-water.biz/index.htm

There is a nice Farmers Market in Haleiwa at the North Shore Sunday mornings.
Hope it helps...
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I think Ma'o Organic Farms just started a CSA program.
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Anyone tried any CSAs on the island?


I'm really excited to try get involved in these CSAs. I also found another one called Ailani Gardens CSA that looks nice.

Has anyone tried any of these CSAs? I'm mostly looking for nice fresh organic greens - salad and cooking - and whatever else they might have - enough for a growing family of 2 kids and 2 adults. No measly amounts, please!

Do any of these CSAs give you fresh picked from their actual gardens? That sounds like it would be really good. How much better than that can you get?!

Please let me know if you've tried any of these CSAs and found them to be good - for whatever reason.

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The Ma'o one is from an actual organic farm on Oahu, the Just-Add-Water is a collection from Oahu and Neighbor Island Farms....I'm going to get on the Ma'o List soon because they are about to expand BIG and I think they have a super good box from what I hear.
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Great, please let me know what like and all that when you've tried them!
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Hi there again,

Well after doing a bit more research and seeing what's out here on our island, I'm trying Ailani Gardens www.ailanigardens.com to see how a farm gardener thingy works...

It's been nice so far. I got a huge amount of greens - definitely a lot for the amount of money I paid ($75 for 4 weeks). I would say I got like 5 lbs or so of stuff. Next week I'll weigh it and let you know exactly...

I got a lot of kale, swiss chard, some other bitter kind of green that was nice in the lentil soup I put it into. I got a huge bok choi. I got some radishes, a couple of those long kind eggplants. A nice full head of butter lettuce along with a bunch of arugula and a couple of other nice salad-y leafs that I don't recognize...

I got a bunch of basil, marjoram, thyme, sage... mmm. A green onion. Very nice.

Oh and a couple of lilikoi. I can't wait till mango season, they said they have over 20 trees! And starfruits when they're in season too!

All in all, a very nice package. And from what I got, I'm thinking I'm willing to stay with them for a long while... My husband and kids are thanking me for this!!!

Very exciting. I hope to hear from more of you about your experiences with the CSAs you try.

Try Ailani Gardens or convince me to try a different CSA!!!

C'mon, what are you waiting for?!
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I'm such a rookie, I'd have no clue about the dark greens like the swiss chard and kale as those are not items currently in our diet LOL.
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Hi.  I am moving to Oahu in a few months and real found all your post here helpful for finding local, organic veggies.  Anyone know of a Meat CSA that is local with sustainable care and slaughter?  Or even a butcher with these kinds of standards?

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