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Dizzy for a week now :(

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Ok, something is up with me and my doctor can't tell me so I thought I'd post my symptoms here and see if anyone else is having these issues.

At 6 weeks postpartum I got a period. (I'm exclusively breastfeeding)
Then about 2 weeks ago is when I should have gotten another period... about that time I started having PMS symptoms (cramping, lightheadedness, tingling in my legs, mood swings, etc.) This went on for 2 weeks then finally last Monday I got another period. Thinking I would start feeling better I was relieved. But, instead of feeling better, the cramps went away and were replaced by feeling dizzy non-stop. It hasn't let up now all week with being dizzy and I'm about to go nuts.
Went to my doctor yesterday and he ran some blood tests to check my Thyroid.. those came back normal.
Anyone have dizzyness like this? I've heard your first few periods can suck, but I don't hear about anyone else feeling dizzy from them.
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I didn't know that dizziness could be a sign of thyroid issues, but if you suspect a low thyroid function you can often detect it via basal body temperature before you can via blood test. I did a quick google search and found this quote:

Dr. Barnes developed the "Barnes basal temperature test" for thyroid
function as long ago as 1942. It relies on a morning, waking,
underarm temperature, which Dr. Barnes believes should average 97.8
to 98.2 to indicate normal thyroid function. Dr. Barnes considers
temperatures below 97.8 a possible sign of low thyroid function.
These are preovulatory temperatures, to be taken on days 2 or 3 of
the period in menstruating women, but on any day for other women,
children, or men. His book states that the underarm basal temperature
is about the same as the oral basal temperature.
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Do you possibly have any fluid in your inner ear? Have you had a cold or any congestion recently? Vertigo can be caused by something going on with the inner ear. I have experienced what you describe before and it was annoying and scary, but it went away on its own and I never figured out what the cause was. What were your tyroid values? Some doctors use outdated ranges to diagnose and you may have a thyroid problem. If you can, get copies of your labs and compare them to what the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists suggest.

I wouldn't soley rely on an underarm temp because depending on the temperature of the room you sleep in and whether or not the covers got kicked off can make a big difference. I have had thyroid problems for years and it does not show in my waking temps.
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Was your iron level checked, too?
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Sorry I haven't gotten back on here to check in. They ended up running more tests on my blood and my sodium levels were high. They said I was severely dehydrated. So, I've been trying to drink non-stop and it has helped the dizziness a lot. Thank you for all your concern.
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to you. Hope you feel better. Emergen-C can be added to water for extra electrolytes.
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