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I'm still here (despite my totally misleading thread title ).

I'm due the 27th and am expecting to go somewhere around then - fingers crossed for the 25th! Still no labour signs, just getting increasingly uncomfortable.
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i'm not due until the 25th, and i'm starting to wonder if i should have joined the Feb DDC too!
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I'm still here. EDD: Jan 23rd... but hoping to go in the next few days. Been losing mucous plug, and had more bloody show today but my contractions are so sporatic that I doubt I'll meet my baby in the next couple of days.
That's okay because my house is wreck. We are having a homebirth and for some reason that means to me that my house has to be ready for all the company.... not sure if that's a rational feeling at this point. I've been feeling very logical and even tempered but apparently (according to dh) I've been throwing my hormones onto everyone else. It's also a new moon tonight so that explains some retrograde behavior I suppose.
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Still here. EDD by u/s is tomorrow (1/16), but I so thought he was coming today. I'm totally ready for this and can't wait to birth another child in this world!
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Today is my EDD. I have no feelings of impending labor. At my 40w appt yesterday, I had my first vaginal exam and my OB put me at 50% effaced, 2cm dilated, and - 3 station. When feeling my belly, he said the baby felt lower than he did at my previous appt but he is still really high. My OB is super supportive of my VBAC and he is going out of town, of course, the 19th - 24th. I would LOVE to have this baby this weekend so that I don't have to put up a fight to VBAC. I am not really physically uncomfortable or anything which is nice. So, now we just wait on baby's timing.
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Still here too! I'm due Monday, however DS was born at 41w4d so I'm not expecting labor anytime soon!
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Still pregnant here. Due the 23rd. I've been losing mucous all week, lots last night. Bloody show this morning. Yikes! I have been totally zen to this point with waiting, but as soon as I saw that bloody show I started to feel differently. Now I am anxious to know when this show is really going to start I've been contracting mildly and been very crampy since Monday. As much as every 5-8 minutes for hours at a time...then things quiet down, but the contractions continue day and night. I know realistically it could be a week or two yet, but I keep feeling that maybe this weekend...ugh, I don't know. Lots of cervical pains and twinges this afternoon, still having some pinkish spotting. I hope this is the beginning of what is to be real labor, I am feeling emotionally ready at this point. Only time will tell...
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Still here. EDD is 1/30 so I'm not really expecting the little one any time soon. Starting to secretly wish he/she would show up, though...especially now that I have everything ready!
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Still here too, but didn't expect anything different. "Due" the 27th and will likely end up in February.

The 30th is a full moon, though...
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Still here and due January 26th - no real twinges of anything happening soon. I used to be all positive and nesty last two weeks, this week feeling more fragile and frightened - trying to get back to where I was mentally!
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Still pregnant and also due 1/26. I started getting sick (cold/flu feeling) yesterday so I went to bed early (10pm). From 10pm-1:30am I was having somewhat consistent contractions that were slightly painful so I was thinking it could be it. But after 1:30 it all died down. I've only had a few today that were slightly painful. I've been having BH for a LONG time now but the painful stuff is "new"ish. Finally lost some mucus plug but it doesn't really mean much. My mom is coming the 20th and staying til Feb. 1 & she wants me to wait til she's here (lol). I am really super sore and wanting to have the baby now. I'm looking forward to labor/delivery, but I also have other stuff I wanna get done first (like cleaning my house completely since I'll also be home birthing). So, only time will tell!
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Originally Posted by blondiechrissy View Post
That's okay because my house is wreck. We are having a homebirth and for some reason that means to me that my house has to be ready for all the company.
I feel the exact same way!!! Everytime I get something "finished" another project comes up. I think when I get to a point where the house is ready-I'll go into labor.
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I'm here too. Sigh. Not actually due until the 22nd and I put a lot of thought into waiting until the 30th (my gramma's b-day) early in pregnancy, what was I thinking? My son was 42+3 and born very close to the full moon, I have a pretty good guess where that might put me this time...
I'm not anxious about the birth, and since we moved in mid-Nov the house isn't nearly as clean as I would like but at this point my pelvis just really hurts and it is hard to be excited about making dinner/doing laundry much less the rest of the unpacking when pain is the predominant sensation especially in the afternoon.

Let's do a count next week too, I am curious to see what happens! Good luck Mamas!
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Last I was checked I'm 4 cm, 70% and -2. Losing my plug today and yesterday.

I just want this prodromal labor to turn into something real! So frustrating.
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EDD by conception was Jan 5, by u/s was Dec 30.

I agree, lets do another count next week. I hope to be holding this (healthy, happy) little one by then.
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Oh, yes, me too! 41 weeks tomorrow. This is my longest pregnancy ever. The others were only 2 or 3 days over. Lots of little contractions but nothing that picks up and keeps going. Babe is doing well though, better than me!
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Here. Due on the 28th, although I was hoping to have her on Monday, 18th, which is DH's bday. I have a lot of pain and pressure but no real labor contractions.....my last day of work was today. Still feeling pretty good in general. Good luck to all the ladies that are due now, I'm sure we will have plenty of new moon babies!
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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post
I think when I get to a point where the house is ready-I'll go into labor.
I don't know; my house has been ready and fairly spotless for a week now and no action here. Every night I do the dishes, wipe the counter down, and pick up the LR thinking "if I have a baby tonight, this place needs to be neat!" and nothing. So maybe I should let the place go to crap and see what happens .

I'm still here due the 20th. Had prodromal labor alllllll day yesterday that has completely disappeared. I logically know I should be fine with the baby not being here, but I had dd early in week 39 and everyone thinks it will happen this weekend, and I'm now convinced that means I will go late with this baby. Which is FINE, except I really want to meet this baby NOW!!

No bloody show or anything, just gooier discharge, and these random periods of prodromal labor, and BH. All of that should make me happy but somehow it doesn't mean anything. COME ON BABY!
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Here! Not due until the 30th but we thought babe was coming 10 days ago. Contractions were strong and regular, had bloody show, the birth team was assembled and then everything petered out after about 8 hours. I should be contentedly waiting with two weeks to go, but that experience skewed my perception of what "on time" meant. I continue to have impending labor signs, my care provider was convinced I'd have the babe this week, and I am now convinced I'll have prodromal labor until 42 + weeks - or forever. Daily I work on my attitude and throw myself into work at the office to distract myself but I admit I'd like to meet this one on the outside sooooooner rather than later.
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Yeah, everyone has said "Oh, you won't make it til your due date." I think that was like saying Macbeth in a theater.... So of course I will, and possibly over. My husband is in the navy and is now not working finally, so I swear it's like he's watching me, like I'm gonna go to the bathroom and just start crowning randomly. I starting to feel performance anxiety I think. LOL.
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