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Can you recommend a web hosting company?

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I was with GoDaddy and forgot that I had closed the bank account that it was billed through. They sent me a notice right in the middle of the holidays, and when I went to change the billing 3 weeks later they had already completely cleared out my account. Since *most* companies will at least retain your info for 1 billing cycle (4 weeks) I'm tiffed at them. And I honestly wasn't very impressed with them anyway. So does anyone have a hosting company they love or at least don't hate? Thanks!
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I use surfcityhosting.com and I've never had a problem with them.
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Sorry to hear about your experience. Were you able to create a backup of your site and download it to your computer before that happened?

Not sure if Go Daddy even lets you do that. But with Reliable Webs, you'll be able to create a backup of your site to keep on your computer.
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I code it independently and upload it that way, so having a backup wasn't a real worry. Needed to redo the site anyway. I'm now working with justhost.com and so far, they aren't making a stellar impression with me. My original password they assigned was corrupted and even though they claim you should get a response within 1 hr of filing a concern, it took over 6 hours just to get them to reset a stinking password! So, we'll see.
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Yikes! That's not good.

Do they have a money-back guarantee? If so, I'd take advantage of it sooner rather than later.
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I use Pair Networks, not the cheapest on the market but they have a long track record in the industry so I'm comfortable paying a little premium. I've had great support from them over the past 5 or so years and so I don't really have experience with any other ones. I'm sure there are more great ones out there, though. Good luck!
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I can't stand GoDaddy. They are a horrible company. I was one day late with paying my domain bill - ONE DAY LATE - and they took the domain name I had had for seven years and said it was their property and that I could have it back if I gave them $80. I flat-out refused, so they sold it to someone else (I suspect it was still someone who worked for GoDaddy) and he kept trying to offer it to me for $200. I was, to say the very least, LIVID.

They only hosted my domain, however. Right now I have my domain through 1&1 Internet who I am happy with and they are ultra cheap. For my web hosting, I have Webhostingbuzz.com and I LOVE them. They have hosted my site for about seven years now and I couldn't be happier. I wouldn't change companies even if I was offered something for free. I think I pay about $30 a year for it.
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