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Increase in spit-ups

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We've had a sudden increase in spit-up over the last two days! Today dd and I have both had to change our outfits FIVE times!!! Any ideas what would cause a change like that at 3 months?
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Did you eat anything different? Or have a lot of something to eat? Is your LO feeling ok otherwise?
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DD's doc said spit ups increase around 2 months.
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I don't think I've eaten out of the norm of what I typically eat. Same amount I'd say, too. I figured if it was something I'd eaten, that it wouldn't have lasted for 2 days long. *shrugs*

I'm hoping she hasn't suddenly developed some acid reflux. I understand it sucks to deal with. Maybe it's just a natural increase like your doc says, Pookietooth.
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How's she doing today? Any better? My DS has reflux and it is no fun. I hope that you DD doesn't have it. Although, reflux starts to get better at 4 months for many babes (fingers crossed!)
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Well, she has spit up much less in the last day. So I don't know what was going on. And still, I don't think I've eaten anything so different. The only thing I can think of is that I was pumping for five minutes after each feeding (trying to store up some milk for date night) and my supply increased a bit and maybe she was eating too much? I'm taking a small break from the constant pumping because I was getting tired of doing it.

Gosh that stinks, cause I want to keep the pumping up and save enough to go out several times with dh. We haven't even dtd yet! I don't know how some of you find the time with a baby this young. Or the energy! If we're in bed and she's asleep, we're exhausted and want to sleep more than anything, lol!
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1 handed here/ nak. it can be from an increase in salvia/drool due to teething
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DD goes in spit up spurts. I secretly think she waits until I forget the burp cloth
If she is really hungry and gulps then I know a big bubble with some milk will be coming my way. Also when she gets hiccups spit up is sure to follow.
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My DS has horrible reflux and his pedi says spit-up/reflux tends to peak during the 3-5 month range.
DS is on prevacid, but he still spits up a bunch.
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Originally Posted by KBean View Post
My DS has horrible reflux and his pedi says spit-up/reflux tends to peak during the 3-5 month range.
DS is on prevacid, but he still spits up a bunch.

My ped says 3-5 months is the peak. My son is also on prevacid but my ped said it won't affect the amount of spit up just whether it burns or not. My poor guy isn't gaining great either. 3rd baby(out of 4) with severe relfux first we have medicated.
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Interesting, about the 3-5 month peak. Good to know. Thanks!
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there was a stomach bug going around. s
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My lo has started spitting up a bit more, it seems he's eating more than his tummy can hold. More frequent burping during feedings has helped tremendously.
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